Meet… Jorge Oriol

“Each project is a new challenge and has its problems and peculiarities to solve. You have to be very creative sometimes to find an optimal solution for each one of them”.

I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering with a specialization in Mechanical Engineering. I am enthusiastic about complex mechanical systems and love to explore the limits of interaction and motion between mechanical components.  

What is your role in ASE Optics Europe?

Currently, I am involved in nearly all of the project phases. From the project offer scope to the final product manufacturing. I am involved in developing the system from concept to final design; developing product documentation, and rechasing the components, manufacturing, and assembly.

What has been your professional development at ASE Optics?

I started my professional career at ASE Optics in 2018 as a Junior Engineer helping with the development of the mechanical design of the different projects in which the company was involved using CAD tools. Four years later, I have achieved more responsibilities to cover all the mechanical engineering department, while collaborating in other company areas.

How do you imagine your future at ASE Optics?

I would like to see ASE Optics grow and become an international reference company in the optical engineering sector. On a personal level, I would love to continue managing projects, not only from a Mechanical Engineering perspective but also involving all the management areas of the company.

 Why did you apply for your internship at ASE Optics and accept the job?

Because I could be involved in all phases of project realization, from sketching to manufacturing. At the same time, I had the opportunity to join an interdisciplinary team with a lot of experience with whom I learn every day.

What do you like most about working at ASE Optics?

The potential of the people and the company itself.

 What have been the biggest challenges you have faced?

Each project is a new challenge with its problems and peculiarities. You have to be very creative, thinking outside the box sometimes to find an optimal solution for each one of them.

 Describe ASE Optics in one sentence.

To the space and beyond.

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