About ASE Optics

Experts in optical design and engineering

About ASE Optics

ASE Optics Europe is a leader in optical design and development of custom optoelectronic and optomechanical systems, precision optics and prototypes.

ASE Optics Europe provides optical engineering support for system and product development.

Innovative, we promote creativity in each of our solutions for our clients and projects.

Our extensive knowledge of optical technologies allows us to develop new uses and applications of current techniques.

ASE Optics Europe Capabilities

Our capabilities make us a reliable partner in optics for the successful development of your products and projects.

We respond quickly and professionally, offering the highest technical, human and professional quality.

Our Team

Our team consists of professionals in optical design, mechanical design, laser technologies and system integration.


We master and use the latest software for optical design, mechanical design and image processing.


We have the latest equipment and machinery to offer the highest quality of service in each project.


Our facilities are prepared to offer a complete service in design and manufacturing of optical systems.

Quality commitment

ASE Optics Europe’s Quality System complies with all clauses (without exclusions) of ISO 9001: 2015 and is designed to ensure that the product supplied conforms to the specified requirements, to achieve continual improvement of the QMS and to ensure that the required information and other resources are necessary. Available as required.

ISO 9001 Certification

We show you our ISO 9001 certification in the design, development and manufacturing management of optical and optomechanical engineering projects and precision optical systems and components.

We provide the best service to our customers

From the management and the whole team of ASE Optics Europe, we are committed to provide the best service to our customers.


Design and develop customized, precision optical and optoelectronic systems with high technical performance and quality.

We help our customers to be leaders in their markets through our extensive knowledge in optical engineering and design and laser technologies.

In turn, through our activities, we contribute to increasing the value of each of our stakeholders and offer a stimulating, safe and enriching professional environment for our employees.


In 5 years, ASE Optics will be the leading independent optical design and engineering company in Europe.
With our offer of services and quality products for different applications and markets that require optical, photonic and laser systems with high technical performance.

With strong leadership, with special emphasis on optronic systems.


ASE Optics is a company committed to meeting the expectations of its customers, suppliers, employees and all stakeholders in its environment.

  • Integrity: we act upholding moral integrity with professionalism, ethics and commitment internally and externally. We respect and value every individual for his or her diversity and values.
  • Humility: We are always open to learn from others in any circumstance. We respect and do not underestimate our competitors. We see value in learning from our mistakes as much as from our successes.
  • Professional Responsibility: We accept personal responsibility for each of our actions. Our focus is on finding solutions as a team for the good of our clients and the company.
  • Innovation: we promote continuous improvements to achieve maximum quality, based on profitability criteria, supporting the contribution of ideas from our professionals, encouraging free expression and supporting continuous training as far as possible.
  • Satisfacción al cliente: creemos que el beneficio y la satisfacción de cada uno de nuestros clientes debe ser un valor base en cada uno de nuestros departamentos y trabajadores.
  • Results-oriented: we direct our actions towards the achievement of the objectives of the business project, also supporting the continuous improvement of our employees, encouraging teamwork, proactivity and the initiative of each of our experts.
  • Social responsibility: at ASE Optics Europe we are committed to society and the environment, that is why we promote social integration by collaborating with entities and institutions and we adapt our business strategies to the preservation of the environment.

What do they say about us?

Here are some reviews from our customers about ASE Optics

ASE Optics has designed and built a custom infrared lens that did not exist on the market, ruggedized for use in space and with dimensions and weight that enable it to be used on small satellites.

Alfonso Ynigo


Spherical and lateral chromatic aberration correction is impressive.

Olivier Hignette


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