Industrial optical inspection


Industrial optical inspection

Optical inspection for semiconductors

Industrial optical inspection

Optical diagnostic systems

Industrial optical inspection

Non-destructive inspection for microdevices and microfluids

Industrial optical inspection

We provide solutions in optics and photonics for the development of optical inspection and metrology systems, for high-demanding and critical industrial inspection equipment. Our solutions are complete and fully integrated, including:  

  • Optomechanical solutions.
  • Implementation of electronic interfaces.
  • Software development for image processing and/or process automation.
  • Final industrialized equipment series production.

Main benefits of including our customizable systems

Main applications of our optical industrial inspection systems

ASE Optics has wide experience developing optical inspection systems for high-demanding applications. Our customers are companies that offers and commercialize high-precision inspection and measurement machines, with complex requirements: high-precision, custom specifications, deployment in harsh-environments…

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