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Design, development and manufacturing

Optronics and optronic systems

Our business unit specializing in optronic and optoelectronic systems and devices is staffed by optical engineers and professionals who know and understand the importance for our users of having a reliable mission-critical system. That is why we work every day to ensure that the equipment we offer meets the highest quality standards. We cover the entire process: from design and concept to development, assembly, production and quality control. More than 30 years of accumulated experience in the optics and optronics industry allows us to combine optics, electronics, mechanics and software in our solutions.

Custom optics for night vision
Optical payloads for Earth Observation
Thermal vision systems

Strategic partnership in Public Safety and Defense projects

At ASE Optics Europe we also have the capacity to design and develop other devices in collaboration with other companies and partners, such as tactical lighting systems. We work closely with public entities in the Public Safety sector (Police, Maritime Rescue, Mountain Rescue Units), as well as with other companies in the sector.

Tailor-made optics for night vision equipment

We provide our customers with high performance eyepieces and objectives, 100% adaptable and integrable to the most widely used night vision equipment already available on the market, such as AN/AVS, BNVS or AN/PVS, among others.

We have more than 30 years of experience developing optronics for defense: we know the market, the needs of the users, and we master the technology. Our opticians are a competitive advantage for all our customers.

Advantages of custom optics for night vision equipment

Night vision equipment often requires specific improvements to its optics, even if the rest of the system works perfectly. The market is very competitive, and our customers need adaptable, agile, cost-efficient and reliable solutions. The advantages of our night vision optics are as follows:

  • Improved image quality, contrast and resolution of the night vision system.
  • Cost reduction: much more efficient than developing an entire system from scratch.
  • Reduction of manufacturing lead times.
  • Pre-designs available, adaptable to each particular night vision system.
  • Differentiation in the market: with our opticians, our clients offer disruptive solutions and alternatives that differentiate them from the competition.
  • Optimization of resources: ASE Optics takes care of the entire design, development and mass production to deliver the optical system ready to be integrated into the customer’s systems.

Sectors of application

  • State Security Forces and Corps (FAS).
  • Police forces and groups and special operational forces.
  • Civil protection, rescue and salvage operational units.
  • Army: monoculars, biocular and night vision binoculars.
  • Air Force: optics for pilots’ night vision goggles (Night Vision Goggles).

Main features of customized optics for night vision equipment

  • Objective and Eyepiece ready to be integrated into a customized system based on GEN-III and GEN-IV image intensifier tubes (IIT).
  • Objective and COTS eyepiece ready for use as spare parts.
  • Optics designed for high performance utility.
  • Strong optics with extra durability.
  • High resolution and contrast.
  • Possibility to manufacture the mechanical interface on demand and customized.
  • MIL standard.

Strategic Partnership for Defense and R&D projects

At ASE Optics Europe we design and develop other devices in collaboration with other public or private sector companies and partners in the field of defense, civil protection, special operational units, rescue or salvage.

We also actively participate in R&D programs for the development of new technologies for defense and security. Learn more about the P2P – FSO project.

Optical payloads

Earth observation is one of the key applications for the NewSpace industry because of the scientific, technological and economic benefits it offers. And optical payloads, such as those developed by ASE Optics, are an essential tool. With them, space mission operators obtain the necessary geospatial information (images and data) to know not only what is happening on the planet, but also where.

Optical payloads for Earth Observation

At ASE Optics, we offer a new SWIR objective lens adaptable to current sensors on the market for integration into payloads onboard mini-satellites, small satellites, nanosatellites and cubesats for Earth observation.

Earth observation is a pillar for the growth of the NewSpace industry: more and more applications and business models are emerging based on the exploitation of information and data collected by Earth observation satellites. With ASE Optics SWIR targets, end operators obtain the desired data, in the expected quality, for further exploitation.
ASE Optics’ SWIR lens has already been integrated in official missions, such as the launch of the DRAGO-2 camera, developed by the IAC and launched on January 3, 2023 aboard a Space X Falcon 9 rocket on the Transporter-6 mission.

Thanks to ASE Optics’ SWIR lens, the camera’s resolution has been significantly improved from 300 meters per pixel to 50 meters per pixel.

SWIR Earth Observation Lens: adaptable, agile and customizable

By integrating ASE Optics’ SWIR lens, mission costs can be optimized and on-orbit times reduced.

However, if the project requires it because it presents a high level of specificity, ASE Optics offers tailor-made solutions, depending on the nature of each mission. As experts in the design and development of integrated optical systems, we offer imaging solutions for optical payloads in the various spectral ranges:

  • SWIR: for surveillance and detection applications. It captures images through smoke and allows you to see camouflaged targets.
  • LWIR: permite identificar cualquier tipo de cuerpo generador de calor, independientemente de las condiciones lumínicas. Commonly used in the defense sector, it is a growing spectral range for space applications, especially for the characterization of different environmental variables as well as for the formulation of hydrological and climatological models.
  • NUV (near UV): allows to observe the regions around the Sun and to study the behavior of some of its zones, since the Sun is a large active producer of ultraviolet light.

Other areas of application

The optical systems for New Space that we develop at ASE Optics offer solutions for other applications beyond Earth observation:

  • Agricultural monitoring: personalized irrigation recommendation system based on satellite images and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Secure communications: very high speed, point-to-point, discrete and secure communication link between military ground platforms and
  • Geolocation and defense.
  • Other scientific applications.

Thermal vision systems

At ASE Optics Europe we develop highly efficient optical systems for your thermal imaging system, whatever the application and spectral range you require. Our team of experts in optical design and engineering study all the requirements, restrictions and characteristics of your project, in order to find the optical technological solution that best suits your objectives.

Thermal vision

Thermal vision is a technology that makes it possible to capture images and observe elements from the emissions of an electromagnetic spectrum (infrared) emitted by a body or element (living or inert). This (heat) energy emission is converted into an image visible to the human eye through the use of thermal cameras, thermal devices and other thermal vision systems.

Thermal vision equipment and devices are a booming technology, with constant improvements in the electronic aspect, as well as in the sensory or optical part.

  • LWIR systems: common uncooled sensors and systems with cooled sensors. Ideal for use in surveillance, electrical inspection. These are the systems commonly used in the military and defense sector.
  • MWIR systems: systems used mainly for rescue missions, but also for monitoring and control of production processes or thermography.

Sectors of application

  • Defense: border protection
  • Defensa: identificación, vigilancia y protección.
  • Detection of errors and failures in critical installations.
  • Detection of machinery overheating.
  • Mining, petrochemical and construction industries.
  • Civil protection and maritime rescue.

Customized thermal mink systems

At ASE Optics Europe, as leaders in the design and development of customized optical and optronic systems, we offer the possibility to adapt this system to specific customer requirements, being able to adjust and modify certain components according to specific specifications.


TC SHIELD is a thermal vision equipment designed for integration in tactical shields for law enforcement and security forces. TC Shield is more than a thermal vision camera: it is a robust system, specially developed for use in special operations, where the protection of the security and defense professional is paramount.

What is the TC SHIELD thermal vision system like?

TC SHIELD is a system consisting of a thermal camera, a display and a mechanical interface for attachment to standard tactical protective shields:

The thermal camera, located in the part of the shield that is exposed to danger, is protected by a special housing, designed to withstand vibrations, shocks and adverse conditions. The display screen, also reinforced, is attached to the inside of the shield, allowing its operator to view the images captured by the camera in real time.

Advantages of the TC SHIELD thermal vision system for tactical protective shields

The TC SHIELD thermal vision system allows its operator to see the elements and individuals behind the shield, without having to expose himself to risk or danger:

  • Increased operator safety.
  • Capacidad de visualización de elementos invisibles al ojo humano.
  • Ability to identify people and critical elements through walls, long distances.
  • Video capture for later analysis.

Video capture for further analysis.

  • Lightweight, rugged aluminum frame.
  • Adapters for attaching the camera to the shield in two sizes (standard sizes)
  • Ruggedized camera housing for maximum safety and durability
  • Thermal vision system: LWIR camera in range 7.5 to 14 um
  • Object detection range up to 100 meters
  • Lightweight, low weight.
  • Water and dust resistant.

Technical data

As leaders in the design and development of customized optical and optronic systems, we offer the possibility of adapting this system to specific customer requirements, being able to adapt and modify certain components according to specific specifications.

What do they say about us?

Here are some reviews from our customers about ASE Optics

ASE Optics has achieved a system that increases magnification by 44% and improves optical quality by an order of magnitude but without changing the overall cost of the product.

Luis A. Ruiz-Ozaita

Podol Meditec

The innovation capacity of the ASE Optics Europe team is impressive. Thanks to their contribution, we achieved a viable and 100% novel solution for the optical system of our project.

Esther Hurtós


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