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Optronics and optronic systems

Our business unit specialized in optronic, and optoelectronic systems and devices is made up of optical engineers and professionals who know and understand the importance for our customers of having a reliable system for critical missions. For this reason, we work every day to ensure that the equipment we offer meets the highest quality standards. We cover the entire process: from optical and optomechanical design and concept to the development, assembly, production, and quality control of the complete integrated system.

More than 30 years of accumulated experience in the optics and optronics industry allow us to combine optics, electronics, mechanics, and software in our solutions.

Our mission is to provide innovative night vision products developed by our technical experience, our commitment to customer service and support and our wide knowledge in optics applied to night vision technologies.

Experts in the development of optronic devices and systems

As experts in the design and development of custom integrated optronic systems, we offer different solutions for the development of night vision, thermal vision and other optical equipment and systems for security, protection, and surveillance.

Combining our knowledge in optical design and development of integrated optical systems, we produce custom optronics based on the requirements of each client. We offer a wide range of development services and products in optoelectronics.

Optronics: design, development, and series production service for our customers

One of the competitive advantages of ASE Optics is its complete service. We work together with our customer, from the initial idea and the design stage to production, assembly and quality control, including supply chain management (selection, control and management of suppliers, verification and validation).

With us, our customers receive full support for the development of their optronic systems and products, ready to be launched, successfully, to the market, reducing costs, resource consumption and optimizing delivery times.

Our services and capabilities include the evaluation of optical and optomechanical constraints, optical design optimization, tolerance analysis, athermalization analysis, optomechanical design, preparation and delivery of production documentation, prototyping, validation and testing of systems.

Custom optronics for IR systems, optical zooms and night vision systems

We design and manufacture custom optical systems, laser systems, lens, vision systems and imaging systems for applications for extreme and harsh-environment conditions, which require robustness, reliability and durability (high temperatures, vibrations, shock…).

Optical zoom MWIR

We have experience designing and developing continuous zooms in the MWIR (mid-wavelength infrared) range. From optical design of the custom lenses to the detail of the paths necessary to generate zoom, focus and athermalization, always considering the results within the useful optical apertures (clear apertures).

Regarding the development of the system, we cover all the process, including the optomechanical design and development, the supply of material, the manufacture, verification and validation of the systems.

SWIR catadioptric objectives

ASE Optics has developed an extensive library of optical designs for the development of short wavelength infrared spotters (SWIR Spotters), which can be adapted to the needs of each customer. We also design and develop completely new systems, taking into account the specifications of each project. We have experience manufacturing long focal length systems, systems that include aspherical lenses and ultra-compact lenses.

Wide angle systems

Optical and optomechanical design and systems integration for on-board cameras with wide numerical apertures, wide-angle systems, which require low distortion. These instruments require a high precision assembly process and must be manufactured taking into account that they must be functional under strict environmental conditions (MIL-SPEC).

Custom optics for NV devices

Another of our products are the adaptable objectives and eyepieces, for the standard night vision equipment on the market. For its development, ASE Optics Europe analysed the current demand of operators (professionals in the army, police and other security forces and bodies), combining this information with the knowledge and experience acquired after years working in the defence industry.

Now, we offer an objective and an eyepiece 100% developed by us, which offer high optical quality, 100% adaptable and integrable to the standard NVIS equipment, most used, such as AN / AVS, BNVS, AN / PVS…

Strategic partnership in Public Security and Defense projects

In ASE Optics Europe we have also the capacity of co-develop other devices with other qualified and complementary partners. We work closely with Security agencies (national and international), and companies.

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