Aerospace and astronomy


Optical systems for the aerospace industry

ASE Optics Europe offers custom optical design and engineering services for the aerospace and astronomy industry.

Optics for aerospace applications

We have experience in designing custom integrated optical systems for aerospace applications from the VIS to NIR spectral range. Our experience and expertise includes:

  • Analysis and optimization of the optical quality of fixed focal length systems or zooms, considering SWaP constraints.
  • Use of non-spherical surfaces: aspheric and diffractive elements.
  • Evaluation of the effect of tolerances on the expected quality of the “as-built” system and control of phantom and daffodil images.
  • Polarization analysis and Gaussian propagation simulations
  • Environmental simulations with pressure and temperature variations.
  • Definition of surface treatments considering environmental factors (temperature, humidity, solvents, hardness) and laser damage (LIDT).

At ASE Optics we can apply this knowledge to the following aerospace instrumentation and device development:

  • Remote sensing applications
  • High-performance, rugged optical systems
  • Motorized or manual focus and zoom
  • Optical and optomechanical subsystem design for CubeSats

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