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Meet… Marino Maiorino

“ASE Optics offers the possibility to participate in a growing reality, where there is still space to learn, evolve professionally, design new solutions and come up with innovative ideas”.  
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Young talent: Lorenzo Calvano

“My internship at ASE Optics has only furthered my interest in optical design”. My name is Lorenzo Calvano. I have a bachelor’s degree in Physics from Harvey Mudd College in
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FASTTEST is an R&D project developed by ASE internally to investigate and develop a 3D non-destructive inspection system for microfluidics and microdevices. The idea raised after our participation in the
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Jorge Oriol

Meet… Jorge Oriol

“Each project is a new challenge and has its problems and peculiarities to solve. You have to be very creative sometimes to find an optimal solution for each one of
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Laser World Of Photonics

We are back at Laser World Of Photonics, but this time as exhibitors. This year, LWOP will be held from 27th to 30th June in Munich and we will be
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ASE Optics will be one of the consortium members participating in the P2P-FSO project. This is a very high-speed, point-to-point, discrete and secure FSO (Free Space Optical) communication link that
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38 space symposium

38th Space Symposium

This year, ASE Optics is one of the six companies selected by ICEX to participate in the 38th Space Symposium in Colorado Springs (USA). We are very excited to be
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ASE Optics is one of the members of the consortium created to develop an optical sensor that uses advanced laser technology to diagnose skin cancer in real-time and in a
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Industrial technological research aimed at optimising the efficiency of a Large Fusion Science Facility such as IFMIF-DONES On 30th December 2022, the grant for the DONES-FLUX project was published, which
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