ASE Optics receives two PERTE CHIP project grants

ASE Optics Europe is synonymous with innovation and cutting edge.

In a strategic move that promises to revolutionize the microelectronics and semiconductor industry in Europe, ASE Optics Europe has been selected in two cutting-edge projects within the ambitious PERTE CHIP program, supported by the European Commission. This achievement not only underscores ASE Optics Europe’s excellence and commitment to innovation and technological development, but also positions the company and, by extension, Europe, at the forefront of research and development in the semiconductor sector.

The first ECOSWIR project, focused on the optimization of semiconductor chip manufacturing processes, aims to increase the efficiency and yield of these critical components. ASE Optics Europe is applying innovative techniques and exploring new materials with the aim of significantly improving the quality and competitiveness of chips produced in Europe. This effort is not only a testament to ASE Optics Europe’s ability to lead in innovation, but also reflects its commitment to strengthening the European technology industry. The consortium consists of the technology companies Monocrom, QURV and ASE Optics Europe.

The second CHIP-NESE is equally ambitious and focuses on innovative chip design for the first high performance, low power multifunctional integrated board in stratospheric balloons. This CHIP-NESE project not only has the potential to provide invaluable information on the behavior of semiconductors under extreme conditions, but also seeks to foster collaboration between various scientific and technological disciplines. By promoting synergy between the aerospace and semiconductor industries, ASE Optics Europe is paving the way for technological breakthroughs that could have applications in a wide range of fields, from space exploration to improving energy efficiency in electronic devices. This consortium is formed by: Hispavista, Fossa Systems, Masermic, Multiverse, Solar Mens and ASE Optics Europe.


ASE Optics Europe, a clear demonstration of its leadership.

ASE Optics Europe’s participation in these PERTE Chip projects is a clear demonstration of its leadership in the field of optics and microelectronics. By focusing on innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration, ASE Optics is not only contributing to Europe’s technological advancement and competitiveness in the semiconductor sector, but is also setting a role model for research and development in the industry.

This milestone represents a significant step towards strengthening Europe’s position in the competitive global semiconductor market. With the support of the European Commission and collaboration between industry leaders such as ASE Optics Europe, the future of semiconductor technology in Europe looks brighter than ever. The company is proud to be at the forefront of this effort, once again demonstrating its commitment to excellence in research and development, and its crucial role in advancing technology and innovation on the continent.

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