Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Twoptics Systems Design (hereinafter referred to as ASE Optics) intends and commits itself, through its own actions, to achieve its objectives and consolidate its position in the market of optical engineering and the manufacture of precision optical systems, always with the benefit of our stakeholders, the reputation of the group and the value of our shareholders in mind.


ASE Optics designs, develops and produces customized, precision optical and optoelectronic systems with high technical performance and quality.

We help our customers to be leaders in their markets through our extensive knowledge in optical engineering and design and laser technologies.

At the same time, with our activity, we collaborate in increasing the value of each of our stakeholders and offer a stimulating, safe and enriching professional environment for our employees.


In 5 years, ASE Optics will be the most relevant independent company specialized in optical design and engineering in Europe; offering quality services and products for different applications and markets that require optical, photonic and laser systems with high technical performance and leadership, with special emphasis on optronic systems.


  • Integrity: we act upholding moral integrity with professionalism, ethics and commitment internally and externally. We respect and value every individual for his or her diversity and values.
  • Humility: We are always open to learn from others in any circumstance. We respect and do not underestimate our competitors. We see value in learning from our mistakes as much as from our successes.
  • Professional Responsibility: We accept personal responsibility for each of our actions. Our approach is to seek solutions as a team for the good of our clients and the company.
  • Innovación: promovemos mejoras continuas para alcanzar la máxima calidad, desde criterios de rentabilidad, apoyando la aportación de ideas de nuestros profesionales, fomentando la libre expresión y apoyando la formación continua en la medida que sea posible,
  • Customer satisfaction: we believe that the benefit and satisfaction of each of our customers should be a core value in each of our departments and employees.
  • Results-oriented: we direct our actions towards the achievement of the objectives of the business project, also supporting the continuous improvement of our employees, encouraging teamwork, pro-activity and the initiative of each of our experts.
  • Social responsibility: at ASE Optics Europe we are committed to society and the environment, that is why we promote social integration by collaborating with entities and institutions and we adapt our business strategies to the preservation of the environment.

ASE OPTICS is a company committed to meeting the expectations of its customers, suppliers, employees and all stakeholders in its environment. In this regard, the Management has decided to establish the Policy detailed below.

The Management of ASE OPTICS EUROPE has set as one of its strategic objectives the fulfillment of the requirements of the Quality Management System (QMS) and the requirements demanded by its customers, involving all the activities of the organization and its personnel.

ASE OPTICS EUROPE is committed to:

  • Comply with the requirements applicable to the organization.
  • Knowing the needs of customers through better and more effective communication.
  • To seek continuous improvement of the QMS as well as the services offered, by periodically updating the QMS and this Policy.

The most advanced technical knowledge will be applied for the realization of ASE OPTICS projects and the satisfaction of the customer and all other interested parties, and in the development of services, keeping all staff trained.

This Policy is the frame of reference from which the objectives are established and reviewed and is kept available to all ASE OPTICS EUROPE employees and the public.