The recent edition of the EPIC Executive RUN in San Francisco was not only a sporting event, but also an opportunity for ASE OPTICS EUROPE to show its support and commitment to the optical community. As a sponsor of the event, ASE OPTICS EUROPE stood out among other renowned names, such as LIGENTEC, Nynomic AG, Maiman Electronics and HUBNER Photonics, to make this race an unforgettable experience.

Event Details: EXECUTIVE RUN 2024 EPIC in San Francisco

The race, held on the vibrant streets of San Francisco, attracted committed business leaders and spectators from around the world. With a scenic route and an energetic atmosphere, the event became a celebration of the optical community and the passion for the sport.

Participation of ASE OPTICS EUROPE as a Sponsor

As a major player in the field of optics, ASE OPTICS EUROPE not only participated in the race, but also played a crucial role as a sponsor of the event. Their support was fundamental to make this unique and enriching experience possible.

ASE OPTICS EUROPE’s participation in the EPIC 5 Miles race was more than just a sporting event. It was a manifestation of their commitment to excellence, innovation and the optical community at large.

Impact and Significance of the Race

The race was not only a sporting event, but also a reminder of the power of collaboration and shared passion. For ASE OPTICS EUROPE and its partners, it was a unique opportunity to connect with the community and celebrate collective achievements.

ASE OPTICS EUROPE participation in the race highlights its commitment to the community and its dedication to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. Beyond the sporting results, the event was a celebration of shared values and common goals.

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