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Design, development and manufacturing

Optical design and engineering for system development

At ASE Optics we specialize in optical design, engineering and development of custom integrated systems and product development. With our rigorous systems approach and creative problem-solving processes, we design optical systems that improve reliability and performance. Our approach to optical engineering is based on the needs of our customers.

We work closely with the customer to advance product development quickly and efficiently. We create optical devices taking into account all aspects and requirements: material properties, manufacturing techniques, costs, available technologies and other constraints that may affect the project.

Optical design
Development of integrated optical systems
Manufacture of integrated optical systems
Optical characterization

Reasons to choose ASE Optics Europe’s optical design and custom engineering services

When catalog optics are not enough
We design and supply customized optical components: avoid obsolescence risks and take control of your supply chain.

When your device needs optimization
Los sistemas ópticos personalizados pueden mejorar muchos parámetros de rendimiento óptico, como la resolución, el campo de visión, el SWaP, la transmisión, etc.

If you are developing a new product for market introduction
You get the right optical solution for your product: reduced production costs, exclusive intellectual property, shorter development time and faster production.

Optical design and engineering

If you need an optical design for your product development or project, at ASE Optics we have the best solution. Our optical engineers have extensive experience in optical design of custom lenses and complete optical systems. Most of our customers are companies that need optical design support, either to develop a new product or to improve the current optical system.

Optical design for the development of optical products and systems

Nuestro trabajo siempre comienza con el diseño de concepto: este es un punto fundamental para lograr un sistema óptico funcional. El proceso de diseño óptico implica la elaboración de un diseño a medida basado en los requisitos específicos de cada cliente, pero eso no es suficiente: cada solución óptica debe ofrecer algo más que cumplir con las especificaciones, debe de ser un diseño óptico viable, fabricable. En ASE Optics somos expertos también en fabricación óptica y sistemas ópticos y eso nos permite ofrecer diseños aptos y adecuados para una fase posterior de desarrollo y fabricación.

Capabilities and experience

We have extensive experience in physical optics, geometrical optics, photonics, optical physics, opto-mechanics and opto-electronics. We design complex optical systems and precision optics for different applications. At ASE Optics Europe we use the most advanced tools and software, such as Code V®, ZEMAX® or Matlab®, to establish the optical models, to perform the simulations of optical systems operation and to be able to take into account all the parameters that affect the system: light propagation from a source or scene, the sensor… Through calculation, simulation and the application of optimization algorithms, we shape the optical components to achieve the best optical function, taking into account environmental factors such as thermalization, sealing, pressure or vibration. This involves varying optical surfaces, relative distances, materials, optical coatings, etc., always keeping in mind that the ultimate goal is to achieve a manufacturable and efficient design. ASE Optics Europe is at the frontier of the state of the art in the application of advances in optical surfaces, from refraction and reflection, to diffractive optics and free-form optics.

Custom lens design

One of our specialties is custom lens design. We provide precise, high quality designs so that all your lenses meet the characteristics required by each application, including aspects such as costs and manufacturing limits. If you need to optimize your lens design for manufacturing, and make your product more efficient in the mass production phase, our team of experts will offer you the complete solution: optical design, material selection, tolerance analysis and optical performance… you will get an optical design with clear specifications, which will fit all requirements, technical and quality.

Each of the parameters are studied with the utmost accuracy and precision by our team of optical engineers, using all available techniques such as ray tracing to simulate the performance of each lens.

Some examples of our experience in custom optical lens design are:

Imaging lenses and customized objectives

Optical design of lenses for integration into imaging systems. They are key components for focusing the image of an object and allow an object to be viewed in various ways, depending on specific needs. Depending on the design of these lenses, we correct perspective errors, provide adjustable magnification or modify the field of view or focal length of the system.

We design custom lenses for both visible spectrum (VIS) and infrared wavelength systems (IR, LWIR, MWIR, SWIR).

Lenses for laser collimation

Laser collimating lenses are used to convert diverging light beams into parallel beams. At ASE Optics we design custom lenses and lens systems for laser collimation for different applications and spectral ranges, from ultraviolet (UV) to infrared (IR). We have experience designing aspheric and achromatic lenses, compatible with various light sources, such as laser diodes.

Usually, laser collimating lens systems are composed of several optical elements, at ASE Optics we take into account all the necessary requirements to design the most suitable lenses: materials, entrance pupil diameter, wavelength, focal length, focal length and field of view.

Imaging systems

  • Imaging systems
  • Low light optronic systems
  • Custom-made microscope objectives
  • Zoom systems
  • Systems with wide-angle lenses
  • Optical Coherence Tomography Systems (OCT)
  • Ray optics systems
  • Projection systems
  • Zoom projectors
  • Optical relays
  • Macro lens systems

Laser and photonic systems

  • Sistemas de escaneao de haz láser
  • Laser beam expanders
  • LED projection systems
  • LIDAR Systems
  • Optical laser and physical optics
  • Fiber coupling
  • Fiber coupling
  • High power laser projection systems

Development of integrated optical systems

Making the leap from drawings to assembly to obtain an optical system that works in its actual application is one of the biggest challenges in the optical system development process. As they say in the industry: “optics don’t float”. ASE Optics has the experience and resources to successfully carry out precision optical system assembly, prototype production and short series system manufacturing.

As they say in the industry: “optics don’t float”.

In the assembly process, the optical elements must always be within the specified tolerances, and positioned efficiently, in order to last during use.

Assembly procedures begin to be defined during the early stages of the optical design process. Each optical system is unique, but at the same time, at ASE Optics we take full advantage of our experience in optical system assembly to replicate and apply proven techniques, within the uniqueness of each system, while applying the right amount of precision required in each case.

Our process can achieve accuracies of less than 5 microns of off-center and air gaps, and <3 arcmin of tilt… but only when necessary.

Integration of optical systems: optics, optomechanics, and optoelectronics.

ASE Optics Europe manufactures and assembles custom precision optical systems and equipment, following our certified quality process.

Through the use of professional design software such as SolidWorks, we turn optical system designs into real products. In addition, our mechanical engineers design prototypes and systems that are easy to manufacture and assemble, while still achieving the highest precision. This is thanks to its extensive experience in the design of optomechanical systems, lens frames, accessories and mounting hardware.

During the whole process, we take into account the specific specifications for each optical system, such as thermal constraints, environmental conditions, vibration, mechanical stress, pressure…

The entire team works day in and day out with the manufacturing technicians to ensure that every design is feasible and easily manufactured and assembled. Thanks to this close collaboration, we can quickly address any problems or issues that arise during the prototyping or mass production phase.

Some of our capabilities in design and integration of optical systems include:

  • Precision design of mechanical and optomechanical assemblies
  • Study and analysis of optomechanical tolerances
  • Finite element study and analysis
  • Integration of photonic systems: lasers, diodes, detectors, etc.
  • Integración de sistemas fotónicos: láseres, diodos, detectores, etc.
  • Design of laser beam handling systems for automated industrial inspection
  • Design of optomechanical and electro-optomechanical systems.
  • Assembly of optomechanical and optoelectronic systems
  • Design of precision mechanical parts
  • High-precision optomechanics with tight tolerances
  • Evaluation, selection and integration of light sources
  • Characterization of lasers: M2, focal spot, power, stability, repeatability

Image processing software for optical and optoelectronic systems

Image processing is a key element in many of today’s optical and optoelectronic systems. At ASE Optics we develop and program specific software for image processing, image analysis, image recognition and image enhancement.

Our team of experts in the development and programming of image processing software is always looking for user-friendly solutions that allow real-time data acquisition.

We design customized software for obtaining and managing the information obtained through optical systems, such as detailed information about the properties of the inspected materials or samples.

Development of software for image processing:

  • Programming for analysis of optical measurements
  • Automated process control and integrated systems
  • Image processing software
  • Analytical measurements
  • Software for extracting measurements and meaningful information from digital images

We design customized software for obtaining and managing the information obtained through optical systems, such as detailed information about the properties of the inspected materials or samples.

All custom developments are integrated into the optical, laser and photonic systems we develop for our customers. For this purpose, we use the most common libraries: Intel MKL, FFTW, National Instruments, MatLab…

Manufacture of integrated optical systems

At the end of the optical design phase, different options for prototyping are presented. ASE Optics Europe supports its customers in the production of prototypes and short series. With us, you can take advantage of our expertise in optomechanical design, assembly, prototyping, validation and testing.

We meet the stringent specifications required by our customers’ different applications. After assembly, to guarantee the performance and quality of each system, we have the necessary resources for testing and validation, including optical characterization, MTF measurements, distortion measurements…

Series manufacturing of optical components and systems

ASE Optics provides complete supply chain management to ensure the highest quality of all components for each system. Some examples of systems we manufacture are:

  • UV – VIS – NIR – SWIR – MWIR – LWIR Imaging Systems
  • Microscope objectives
  • LIDAR Systems
  • Customized, high-precision optics and scientific instrumentation
  • Other systems on request, customized

Find what you need for the manufacture of your optical system

Our team of engineers and professionals accompanies you throughout the project, to ensure compliance with the planned dates and the estimated budget. In addition, you can count on our support for any incident during the production phase and jump to mass production of any optical system.

  • Preparation and drafting of manufacturing and assembly instructions
  • Definition of production inspection, validation and verification processes
  • Definición de los procesos de inspección, validación y verificación de la producción
  • Series production and start-up
  • Large-scale production plan with our value chain partners
  • Supply chain management: supplier control, sourcing.
  • Procurement and final system quality control

Optical characterization of systems

ASE Optics Europe offers a wide range of services in optical characterization of systems and components. The optical characterization process is a critical point in the quality control after the manufacturing of any system or component. Our optical characterization and measurement systems allow you to verify that the performance of your system or component meets the desired requirements.


  • Lightweight, rugged aluminum frame.
  • Adapters for attaching the camera to the shield in two sizes (standard sizes)
  • Ruggedized camera housing for maximum safety and durability
  • Thermal vision system: LWIR camera in range 7.5 to 14 um
  • Object detection range up to 100 meters
  • Lightweight, low weight.
  • Water and dust resistant.

We offer the most advanced techniques and resources to obtain the best results in optical characterization.

  • Optical characterization darkroom: 45 m2
  • Customized optical characterization benches
  • Ability to build special measurement benches for non-standard measurements
  • Supercontinuum laser light source for multiple spectral band measurements
  • Proficiency in different techniques: optical spectroscopy, photoluminescence, Raman spectroscopy, light scattering, reflectivity.

Special sizes are available upon request.

We are recognized for working on innovative, unprecedented and unique system development projects. Se nos reconoce por trabajar en proyectos de desarrollo de sistemas innovadores, sin precedentes y únicos.

What do they say about us?

Here are some reviews from our customers about ASE Optics

ASE Optics has achieved a system that increases magnification by 44% and improves optical quality by an order of magnitude but without changing the overall cost of the product.

Luis A. Ruiz-Ozaita

Podol Meditec

The innovation capacity of the ASE Optics Europe team is impressive. Thanks to their contribution, we achieved a viable and 100% novel solution for the optical system of our project.

Esther Hurtós


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