Seminar at ICFO

On 17 May from 12.30 to 13.30h, Thomas Siegel, head of R&D at ASE Optics Eupore, presented the seminar: Beyond the lens: optical design and engineering for the development and manufacturing of customised and fully integrated optical systems.

He presented the services and capabilities in optical design, development, integration and test which we offer to companies and research centers for the development of their systems and products, for different applications, and he presented some of the projects in which we have been working:

  • iTREMOR: a handheld medical device for the rapid assessment and evaluation of brain impairment and brain disease.
  • TYNIFIL: An optical neuroimaging device to understand the mechanisms of brain damage in infants born with severe congenital heart defects. 
  • Airtraq Avant: optimization of the optical system for a video-laryngoscope
  • CYTO: redesign of the optical system of a cytometer for its industrialization.
  • ESRF: design, development, and fabrication of custom objective and relay lenses for synchrotron applications.

This meeting was organized by the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO)

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