Optical design for a Fluorescence system

Optical design, components selections, integration and assembly

Our customer needed a custom designed system to be able to distinguish the fluorescence signal from two separate wells under DC illumination inside a centrifuge. After a preliminary design evaluation, ASE Optics proposed a solution based on one-to-one image relay of the sample wells onto a hard aperture and then relay the signal from each sample well onto a separate photodiode. Preliminary design evaluation undertaken for this quotation has demonstrated that this approach will work.

The resulting design was based all on off-the-shelf products apart from the piece doing the spatial filtering of the signals from each separate well. The resulting cross-talk signal from the emission of one well to the other is below 0.1%. This allowed the project to go from the concept phase to a working assembly in under 6 weeks, meeting the tight time constraints applied to this project.

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