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Design and engineering
Optical systems

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Leaders in the design and development of precision optical, optomechanical systems and optronics, customized.

ASE Optics Europe offers a complete service in optical engineering for systems and products development.

We foster innovation  through the creative solutions applied to our customer’s products and projects.

Our extensive knowledge of optical technologies allows us to develop new uses and applications of current techniques.

Your trusted partner in optics for the successful development of your products and projects.

Quick responses to customer needs, offering the highest quality at all levels.

Design and development of custom and integrated optical systems

ASE Optics Europe specializedsin the design, engineering and development of precision optical, optomechanical and optoelectronic systems. From concept design to manufacturing, our experience and knowledge allows us to excel in optical design, engineering and manufacturing for the new systems and products development for our customers.

A rigorous systems approach and creative problem-solving process, guarantees quality optical systems

Our optical engineering progress is driven by our customer’s needs and requirements.

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Night vision systems development and fabrication

As specialists in the design and development of custom integrated optical systems, ASE Optics Europe is able to offer different night vision devices and systems, thermal vision systems and other optical equipment and technologies for security, protection, and surveillance applications 

diseño y desarrollo de objetivos a medida

Design and development of  custom objectives for different applications

Whether it is trapping atoms, relaying a scene or remote imaging, we probably have a design that fits. 

In addition to custom microscope objective, ASE Optics Europe also offers pre-engineered objectives that can be tweaked to certain technical requirements, budget and time frames.  We select the proper objective design and proper materials for each application, and provide a quality custom objective, assembled and tested, in-house .

We develop optical systems for different industries and scientific applications and projects

Medical Instrumentation

Security and protection

Scientific projects

Aerospace & Astronomy

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Meet… Marino Maiorino

“ASE Optics offers the possibility to participate in a growing reality, where there is still space to learn, evolve professionally, design new solutions and come up with innovative ideas”.  
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Young talent: Lorenzo Calvano

“My internship at ASE Optics has only furthered my interest in optical design”. My name is Lorenzo Calvano. I have a bachelor’s degree in Physics from Harvey Mudd College in
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FASTTEST is an R&D project developed by ASE internally to investigate and develop a 3D non-destructive inspection system for microfluidics and microdevices. The idea raised after our participation in the
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