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Leaders in the design and development of custom and precision optical, optomechanical and optronic systems.


About ASE Optics

We are a company specialized in optical design and engineering. Leaders in optical design and development of custom optoelectronic and optomechanical systems, precision optics and prototypes.

ASE Optics Europe provides optical engineering support for system and product development. Innovative, we encourage creativity in each of our solutions for our customers and R&D projects.

ASE Optics Services

ASE Optics Europe provides optical engineering support for system and product development.

Design and engineering.

Optical systems

Specialized services.

Optical characterization

Products and equipment.


What do we do at ASE Optics?

From design to final product, our experience and know-how allow us to meet the needs of optical design, engineering and manufacturing for the development of new systems and products.

Sectors ASE Optics

ASE Optics Europe develops optical systems for different industrial and scientific sectors.

Medical instrumentation

Safety and security

Scientific projects

Aerospace and astronomy

Years of experience

Projects in progress

Design, development and manufacturing ASE Optics

ASE Optics Europe specializes in the most advanced optical systems for any need the market may have. We are pioneers in different sectors and customized projects that any company may need.

Night vision optics

We design and manufacture optics for night vision systems, thermal vision and other optical equipment for security, protection and surveillance.

Tailor-made objectives

In addition to custom-made microscope objectives, we offer pre-designed objectives, adjustable to the specific technical requirements of each customer. We select the most suitable design and materials, offering a quality, assembled and validated target.

Microscope lenses, objectives, optronics systems for NUV, VIS-NIR, SWIR, MWIR and LWIRm

Lastest news

Our participation and continuous evolution.



The recent edition of the EPIC Executive RUN in San Francisco was not only a sporting event, but also an opportunity for ASE OPTICS EUROPE to show its support and commitment to the optical community. As a sponsor of the event, ASE OPTICS EUROPE stood out among other...

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Space Tech Expo Europe 2023

Space Tech Expo Europe 2023

ASE Optics has been present again at the Space Tech Expo Europe, where we have been able to expand our knowledge about new technologies and new products. tendencias en el área de New Space, teniendo ocasión de conocer a nuevas empresas y contactar con conocidos del...

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Second day of the Space Tech Expo Europe 2023 fair

Second day of the Space Tech Expo Europe 2023 fair

Second day in which ASE Optics expands its activities in New Space, with the participation of Andrés Cifuentes and Carles Cardelús at the Space Tech Expo Europe 2023 in Bremen. ASE's booth provides a space to establish contacts with other companies in the space...

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What do they say about us?

Here are some reviews from our customers about ASE Optics

Incredible experience working with ASE Optics in the development of optical systems. From the moment we contacted them, they stood out for their professionalism and commitment.

Julian Decozar

A team of exceptionally competent and qualified engineers. They were willing to answer all of our questions and concerns throughout the development process, which gave us great peace of mind.

Teresa Pujol

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