ASE Optics is one of the members of the consortium created to develop a modular and portable device for rapid and in-situ analysis of pathogens in water samples, called WaterSense.

Our participation in this project is focused on developing the control software and User Interface of the Fluorescence cytometer reader, key to industrializing the device and making it a commercial product.

The aim of WaterSense is that the results of the analysis of pathogens in water samples have very high specificity and accuracy comparable to that reported by any approved laboratory, complying with current protocols and operational regulations, and allowing rapid decision-making in environmental water control operations.

This collaborative innovation project is formed by the companies ASE Optics Europe, Iberosolve, Alter Technology, and Sixsenso and promoted by secpho and has been a beneficiary of the Next Generation EU funds channeled by the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Tourism.

Consortium members

Alter Tecnology

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