At the Technology Transfer Track, within the BSBF 2022, ASE Optics will present the prototype of the innovative optical system for 3D scanning and reconstruction of high-precision components at long distances and high accuracy for inspection and quality control that has been developed with Fusion for Energy (F4E). 

The presentation will take place on Wednesday 5 October at 6 p.m in the seminars S3 and S4 of the Granada Congress Centre (Spain) and we will be able to be in contact with the congress participants interested in our system.

Currently, the applications of the new optical system are being studied in the dimensional analysis of large-scale manufactured products and finished products (rivet inspection) which allows:

  • The measurement of small objects over large distances with high accuracy.
  • Depth accuracy down to 0.006 mm and lateral resolution between 0.1 mm and 1 mm for a measuring range of 10 m at 2000 data points per second.
  • Customisation of these requirements according to the application and increased compactness of the measuring head for easy integration.

The Technology Transfer Track will take place during the days of BSBF 2022 to raise awareness, and find and share new technologies that can apply to both Big Science installations and other markets.

So this edition of BSBF 2022 represents a good opportunity to establish contact and generate new opportunities for future collaboration.

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