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Optical systems development

Optical assemblies

Assembling optical systems for real world applications can be one of the most challenging aspects of the optical systems development process. Optics do not float, as the saying goes. In the assembly process, the optical elements must be placed to within the specified tolerances in an efficient manner and be able to survive the specified use conditions.

ASE has the experience and resources to meet precision optical systems assembly for prototyping as well as short series production. The optical assembly procedures begin to be defined during the initial stages of the optical design process. Each optical system can be unique, but at the same time, ASE takes full advantage of its experience in assembling optical systems to replicate proven techniques, within the uniqueness of your system, applying the right amount of precision. 

Our process can achieve tolerances of:  <5micron decenters and air gaps, <3 arcmin tilts…. but only when you need them.

ASE Optics Europe is fully capable to evaluate, assist and deliver OEM and custom integrated optical systems

We have experience in the manufacturing and assembly of custom precision systems and equipment and our vendors are qualified, ensuring a rapid turnaround and high-quality materials. ASE provides certified testing and verification of our designs and fabricated parts to ensure meeting our customer’s specifications.

  • Design of optomechanical and electro-optomechanical systems
  • Precision design of mechanical assemblies
  • Optomechanical tolerances study and analysis
  • Finite elements study and analysis
  • Optomechanical and optoelectronical systems assembly
  • Mechanical parts design
  • High-precision optomechanics with tight tolerances, when needed
  • Light source evaluation, selection and integration.
  • Laser beam characterization: M2, focal spot, power, stability, repeatability
  • Photonic system integration: laser, diodes, detectors.
  • Integration of optical and photonics scanning systems
  • Laser beam handling system design for automated industrial inspection

Techniques and resources for optical, optomechanical and laser systems integration

At ASE, and with our supply chain partners, we use the most efficient techniques and resources:

  • Professional design software: Solidworks.
  • Machining techniques: CNC, injection, additive manufacturing, sintered processes
  • Special equipment for night vision systems test and validation
  • Laboratory and clean area for optics assembly: 80m2
  • Assembly and production area for mechanics and electronics: 50m2

And, we have experience with different materials

  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Technical plastics and polymers
  • Non-magnetic and rare materials for very-specific applications

 Discovery Service: Jump start your optical systems product:

If you need to determine the feasibility of your development project, enquire about ASE’s Discovery Service, a fixed price service we offer to investigate  solution paths for your optical systems’ design challenges.

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