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Optical design

Optical Design for product development

Optical design for product development is our reason of being. We have extensive experience in physical optics, geometrical optics, photonics, physical optics, opto-mechanics and opto-electronics. We design complex optical systems and precision optics for different applications. Our work always starts with the concept: this is fundamental to achieving a functional optical system.

An ASE Optics Europe we use proven modelling, simulation and programming tools, such as Code V, ZEMAX,or Matlab to establish an optical systems model,simulate the operation of the optical system. At ASE we go beyond the imaging chain, with capability to include illumination, LASER propagation, straylight, sensitivities at sensor, physical optics through to image processing. .

Through calculation, simulation and implementation of optimization algorithms, we mold the optical components to achieve the best optical function, taking into account environmental factors such as temperatureatmospheric pressure or immersion. . This involves varying optical surfaces, relative distances, materials, optical coatings,  always with manufacturability in mind. As part of our know-how, ASE can introducefreeform optics, aspherical surfaces (aspheres), cylindrical surfaces for anamorphic optics or diffractive optics when needed.

Optical systems design

We provide a high-quality and accurate optical design to meet the performance requirements and constraints, including cost and manufacturing limitations. All parameters are studied with the utmost accuracy and precision by our team of optical engineers, using ray tracing and other techniques to model how the lens affects light that passes through it. Some examples of our design expertise are:

  • Imaging lenses
  • Microscope objectives
  • Laser beam handling optics
  • Anamorphic lenses
  • Scan lenses

Types of optical solutions

To guarantee the best solution it is necessary to have know-how beyond traditional refractive lenses. At ASE we count on experience: refractive, reflective or catadioptric, diffractive optical elements, using and specifying aspheres and freeform surfaces, all coupled with extensive knowledge optical system optimization and tolerancing.

Different optical materials for you custom optics

Different applications require different approaches. At ASE, our experience has lead us to design and manufacture optical systems with:

  • Glass lenses: traditional and molded designs
  • IR Optical materials
  • Polymer optics
  • Metal optics

Optical design for complex optical systems

Our designs are currently in use in national laboratories and widely used in medical devices, research instrumentation, scientific facilities, defense and aerospace systems, laser systems for metrology and inspection, bio-medical applications and industrial applications. Our expertise and experience in optical design includes:

  • Imaging systems
  • Low-light optronic systems
  • Specialty microscope objectives
  • Zoom systems
  • Wide angle lenses
  • Macro lenses
  • Optical relays
  • Laser and LED projection systems
  • Laser optics and optical physics
  • LIDAR Systems
  • Optical Coherence Tomography systems
  • Fiber coupling
  • Beam shaping delivery
  • Interferometric systems
  • Projection optics
  • Zoom projectors
  • High power broadband projection

Do you know one of our main advantages? In ASE Optics we have an open and horizontal process: you can start with a concept design and continue with the product or system development. The entire development process will be covered, and you will get your final system assembled, integrated, tested and working.


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