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Medical Devices

Optical systems design and development for medical devices

Medical industry presents unique conditions and special challenges, and the new medical devices must meet several strict requirements to ensure the better performance: faster speed, smaller size, higher accuracy, system reliability and reduced maintenance downtown. In the field of medical imaging and diagnostics, the results obtained are crucial.

ASE Optics Europe has increased its presence in the medical technology industry thanks to its experience, knowledge and capabilities in optical design, engineering and development of custom integrated systems for medical devices.

Our focus is on providing companies with the optimal optical and laser systems and subsystems for their medical products and devices. It means, we work always considering all the important aspects for product success: quality designs and systems, innovative and, also, cost-effective.

Our goal is to design and develop custom optical systems that are commercially viable, to become the most reliable partner in optics. ASE Optics helps its customers in their success in the market with its innovative and turn-key solutions in optics and laser technologies applied to medical industry.

Optical systems expertise for medical devices and medical applications

If a complex optical, laser or photonic system is needed for your medical instrument, we can find the best solution for you. Using the most innovative technologies we offer custom solutions for a wide range of applications:

  • Monitoring sensors
  • Miniature visualization systems: laryngoscopes, endoscopes, laparoscopes…
  • Optical systems for surgical instruments and devices.
  • Design and development of improved optical subsystems for ophthalmoscopes, retinoscopes.
  • Non-destructive inspection systems, based on laser technologies, for point of care diagnostics..
  • Custom microscope objectives: strict tolerances, high numerical aperture, special material requirements and constraints.
  • Medical laser delivery systems.
  • Fluorescence imaging systems.
  • Optical coherence tomography technology applied to different devices.
  • Dental imaging systems and intraoral cameras.

Innovation and research are in the core of ASE Optics activity, so we constantly apply the latest development in areas such as detectors, new sensors, light sensors, new material, optical components, new technologies and improvements in visible, infrared and ultraviolet bands… to the solutions we provide to our customers.

Open-vertically integrated process: from concept design to systems integration and manufacturing of medical devices and scientific instruments.

In addition to designing and developing advanced systems for medical devices and applications, ASE Optics Europe has production capabilities . From concept design to final prototype and / or product manufacturing, you will find in ASE Optics the complete service and solution for your product development.

However, ours is an open system, so we can work, hand by hand, with the internal departments of our customers, or collaborate with our customers’ trusted partners and suppliers from the other areas.

Whatever the project characteristics and scope, all our processes are completed with a continuous risk assessment and controls, to avoid any problem. In addition, in ASE Optics we test all our prototypes and devices in house, with our different inspection and test equipment and systems.

Reliable partner in optical design for medical devices

Nowadays, ASE Optics can be considered a leading designer and developer of custom optical systems and subsystems for medical devices. Several medical companies have trusted us to improve the precision, quality and efficiency of their systems, by maintaining and/or improving also their cost efficiency.

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