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Our customer sought to improve the image quality of the Airtraq intubation device that offers a view of the glottis in complicated cases. Prodol needed an improvement in the optical system design to get clear and accurate diagnoses. The housing requirements are strict, since the overall system must comply, ergonomically, with human factors.

The system was optimized to work both in direct view mode and in digital camera mode.
Working closely with the customer’s engineering team we were able to understand the requirements and translate them into Optical performances specifications: the resolution improved by an order of magnitude and the magnification increased by 44%, increases ease of use in the intubation procedure.


ESRF (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility) hired ASE Optics Europe to design and manufacture three unique objective lenses for use in the synchrotron beamlines: 0.5X, 150mm and 400mm. Starting with a Discovery Service, ASE designed and developed the optical system consisting of thorough optical tolerance analysis, mechanical design and finally manufacturing and quality control.

The optical system was designed using a judicious choice of materials to reach all requirements. The system required expert alignment and testing: ASE EU developed an in-house MTF measuring station based on knife-edge technique.


ITER ((International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) needed to develop and build an In-Vessel Viewing and metrology System (IVVS) for the inspection of the ITER tokamak. This diagnostic system will allow 3D mapping of the elements inside the ITER tokamak to detect any damage or erosion of components that occurs during operation. This will be a key part of keeping the ITER plant running safely.

ASE Optics Europe is the responsible of the analysis of complementary solutions for the IVVS concept, including design of the optical prototype system, and implementation of the testing. ASE optics have built an optical test bed with reduced-dimension prototype, to measure the piezo-electric performance and confirm it is adequate for the planned 3D scanning function
ASE Optics WORK is an extension of the approved IVVS concept design, partly supported by a long history of R&D promoted by F4E & EFDA in collaboration with ENEA Frascati Laboratories.


Our customer needed a custom designed system to be able to distinguish the fluorescence signal from two separate wells under DC illumination inside a centrifuge. After a preliminary design evaluation, ASE proposed a solution based on one-to-one image relay of the sample wells onto a hard aperture and then relay the signal from each sample well onto a separate photodiode. Preliminary design evaluation undertaken for this quotation has demonstrated that this approach will work.

The resulting design was based all on off-the-shelf products apart from the piece doing the spatial filtering of the signals from each separate well. The resulting cross-talk signal from the emission of one well to the other is below 0.1%. This allowed the project to go from the concept phase to a working assembly in under 6 weeks, meeting the tight time constraints applied to this project.


The lack of spherochromatism is impressive.” (Olivier Hignette, ESRF)


ASE Optics achieved an improvement in optical quality by an order of magnitude for the system and an increase in image enlargement of 44%, without increasing the total cost of the product

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