Young talent: Grégoire Guyon

“My experience at ASE Optics Europe was complementary with my education and gave me keys to become a competent optical engineer”.

My name is Grégoire Guyon and I live in Paris. After 2 years of intensive classes in mathematics and physics, I took the national competitive examination and joined the Institut d’Optique Graduate School in Palaiseau (France), where I have been studying optics and photonics for 2 years. I did an internship at ASE Optics Europe to finish the first year of my master’s degree in optical engineering.

 Why did you choose ASE Optics Europe for your internship?

I wanted to work in an R&D laboratory, I chose ASE Optics Europe for its fascinating project and because it is a company on a human scale. I had the chance to follow and work on every step of the design, development, and manufacturing of complete and innovative optical systems.

What was your role in ASE Optics Europe?

I worked with the Optics department. I took part in several projects involving optical design, assembly, and characterization. Being able to work at every stage of the manufacturing of state-of-the-art products helped me develop a large spectrum of skills. 

How would you define your experience at ASE Optics Europe?

My experience at ASE Optics Europe was complementary to my education and gave me the keys to becoming a competent optical engineer. All in a very friendly and helpful team.

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