Young Talent: Adrián Vizuete

“My internship period at ASE Optics was a very positive experience, both in terms of the learning methodology and the knowledge acquired. Nowadays, I work in the Mechanical Engineering team”.

My name is Adrián Vizuete and I am a mechanical engineer who graduated from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). I had the opportunity to do my university internship at ASE Optics. Currently, I work in the Mechanical Engineering team.

 Why did you choose ASE Optics Europe for your internship?

ASE Optics Europe guaranteed me to apply everything I learned during my University Degree. The internship gave me new optics knowledge, which I was able to combine with the field of mechanics. In addition, this professional experience was my first opportunity as a mechanical engineer.

 What was your role in ASE Optics Europe?

I develop the mechanical components for the optical systems, from the design to the documentation for their manufacture. Throughout this process, the research and the study of the solutions are fundamental and necessary for our customized and integrated optical systems designs.

 How would you define your experience at ASE Optics Europe?

The university internship at ASE Optics was a very positive experience. The learning methodology I received to carry out my role in the company and the knowledge acquired was satisfactory.

In addition, the ASE Optics team has great human value and professionalism. It is a highly qualified multidisciplinary team with extensive knowledge in the field of optics.

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