New Synchrotron Objective Lens

ASE Optics Europe designed and developed a new 0.8X relay lens for ESRF

The European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) has once again relied on the expertise of ASE Optics Europe for the development of a new custom projection objective for its beamlines. In this ocasion, the center required a one projection objective to be installed on the Nano-Imaging beamline. ESRF needed an objective which magnifies X0.8 times the visible image generated by a sintillator coupled to another 9.7X objective on a large scientific CMOS.

Scope of work and technical details

After the initial evaluation of the customer specifications, our optical engineers prepared a preliminar layout of the 0.8x lens, designed using the black box model and different plots performance, to demonstrate that the expected quality was within the specifications. Also, we presented a tolerance analysis using Finite Element Difference and Montecarlo analysis, to confirm that the as-built system would meet the MTF requirements. These results has been confirmed and updated during the execution of the project, and confirmed at the delivery of the final systems.

The scope of work to build and delivery the 0.8X relay lens as per requirements covered the following tasks:

  • Requirements and specifications review
  • Optical design
  • Optomechanical design
  • Design review – optical and housing
  • Production documentation preparation
  • Procurement of materials, reception and verification.
  • Assembly of the relay lens
  • Factory testing of relay lens
  • Delivery

Previous experience designing and developing optical systems for synchrotron applications

This project was the 4th contract with ESRF,  to design and develop custom optics for its synchrotron beamlines. Before this one, ASE Optics Europe has already designed and developed other optical systems for the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility:

  • 0.5X relay lens
  • 150 mm objective lens
  • 400 mm objective lens
Pictures of the results (the final systems and images sent by the customer):

Technical details and characteristics

If you want more information about the systems we designed and delivered for synchrotron applications, you can download our catalogue and specsheet here:


ASE Optics Europe specializes in the design, engineering and development of precision optical, optomechanical and optoelectronic systems. From concept design to manufacturing, our experience and knowledge allows us to excel in optical design, engineering and manufacturing for the new systems and products development for our customers.

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