Following our quality management system process (ISO9001:2015), and to ensure the quality of all our services, ASE OPTICS EUROPE informs you that, as a supplier, you will be subjected to our standard quality evaluation and control, defined with the following guidelines:

Registration of incidents

  • Incident: any issue that affects a purchase order or contracted services, with a minor impact on ASE OPTICS EUROPE productive activity.
  • ASE OPTICS EUROPE will register any incident,
  • ASE Optics registrará cualquier incidencia, whether it will be related to the delivery time (delay), quality of the product, packaging defects, transportation issues or similar.

No-Conformity (NC)

  • NC: any incident or issue that affects purchase order or contracted services, with a medium or serious impact on ASE OPTICS EUROPE productive activities and with a negative effect on the business.
  • Quality department will notify formally the supplier of the opening of the non-Conformity, sending the related form, that shall be filled and sent back by the supplier.
  • In case of non-response within the following 7 labor days, Quality will consider excluding the supplier from the list of validated suppliers.
  • In the event of accumulating more than 5 NCs within 1 natural year, Quality department will analyze whether it is convenient to exclude the supplier from its list of validated suppliers.

Request for additional quality documentation

Depending on the characteristics or scope of the supply or contracted service, Quality department might require additional quality documentation or certificates of compliance.

Contact points

  • Companies interested in supplying ASE Optics Europe:
  • Questions concerning quality:

At ASE Optics Europe we value our relationship with all our suppliers, and we constantly work to improve any relationship with them.


Signed: ASE OPTICS EUROPE Quality department

06th December 2022

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