Spanish Capacities in Large Scientific Facilities (CDTI)

Once again, ASE Optics appears in the Industrial Capabilities Catalogue for Large Scientific Facilities (2022) as one of the companies with the capacity to support and offer services to different R&D programmes and Large Scientific Facilities such as ESRF, ITER, CIEMAT and IAC-IACTEC.

Optics and photonics are technologies that have been gaining importance and prominence for the development of large scientific projects. On the other hand, the Large Scientific Industry sector in Spain is becoming more and more relevant; large scientific facilities are being recognised for their advances in different fields (fusion, astronomy…) and more and more companies are committed to developing and offering high-performance technologies.

At ASE Optics, we aim to offer our experience and knowledge in optical design and engineering, contributing to this joint growth, so we are proud to be part of this selection of companies.

What exactly are these optical design and engineering capabilities?

At ASE Optics, we specialise in developing, designing and integrating optical and photonic systems and solutions in optical metrology and industrial inspection for different fields such as defence, astrophysics, biotechnology and large scientific facilities.

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The Catalogue of Industrial Capacities for Large Scientific Facilities is published by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) and includes information on the entities that supply services or equipment to Large Scientific Facilities.

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