Space Tech Expo Europe

From 15-17 November 2022, ASE Optics will attend the Space Tech Expo Europe in Bremen (Germany). 

One of ASE Optics’ expertise areas is designing and developing integrated optical systems for aerospace, new space, and astronomical instrumentation applications. For this reason, this event is a unique opportunity to know the current trends, challenges, and opportunities in the space industry.

In addition to the conferences and meetings with companies and industry acquaintances, this year ASE Optics is also actively participating in the B2B sessions: a great opportunity to meet new companies and partners, identify new opportunities for collaboration within the aerospace and new space sector and establish new technological and commercial relationships.

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Do you know the projects we are currently involved in for space applications and astrophysical instrumentation?

ASE Optics is currently involved in two projects for the development of optical systems for the aerospace sector and the development of astronomical instrumentation:

MORERA: Project funded by CDTI (MISSIONS project) for the design and development of an irrigation and agricultural yield monitoring system with new space sensors.

DRAGO-2: Contract with  Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC) for the development of a SWIR lens for the DRAGO 2 camera, as part of the ALISIO-1 mission.

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