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Design of a complete and customized optical system for cytometer industrialization. The objectives were clear: reduce the size of the equipment, improve the image quality and improve the image processing, including a customised software development (GUI).

The ICFO medical research group contacted us because they needed an optomechanical assembly for the equipment they are developing: a neuroimaging system to investigate brain damage in babies born with severe congenital heart defects.

Optical design for laringoscope:
optical system optimization

Prodol Meditec, a company from medical devices sector, sought to improve the image quality of the Airtraq, an intubation device that offers a view of the glottis in complicated cases. Prodol needed an improvement in the optical system design to get clear and accurate diagnoses.

Design and development of custom objective lenses for synchrotron

ESRF (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility) hired ASE Optics Europe to design and manufacture unique objective lenses to be intregrated into its synchrotron beamlines. We designed and manufactured three different optical systems: 0.5X, 150mm and 400mm and we performed all validation tests in house.

ITER- Metrology and inspection system for Tokamak

ASE Optics Europe designed and developed an optical system for IVVS required by ITER (Interational Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor), or the inspection of the ITER tokamak. to detect any damage or erosion of components that occurs during operation.

Fluorescence system based
on COTS components

Our customer needed a custom designed system to be able to distinguish the fluorescence signal from two separate wells under DC illumination inside a centrifuge. In less than 6 weeks ASE Optics designed, validated and assembled the system, meeting the tight time constraints without sacrifying quality.

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