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Advancing Space Optics: Design and Integration of SWIR Objective Lens for DRAGO-2 Optical System, presented at SPIE Optics and Photonics

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At ASE Optics Europe we’re thrilled to announce that ASE Optics Europe (ASE) participated in this year’s SPIE Optics and Photonics conference with an oral presentation: “Design and integration of a SWIR objective lens for the space-borne DRAGO-2 optical system”, together with members of the Canary Islands Astrophysics Institute (IAC). 

The insightful presentation was delivered by Dr. Thomas Siegel, Head of R&D and Engineering at ASE, coauthor along with Paloma Matia-Hernando, Zaira Berdiñas, Carlos Sanchez, Adrian Vizuete, Jorge Oriol and Marta de la Fuente from ASE, and Alfonso Ynigo and Pablo Gonzáles de Chaves from IAC. The presentation covered the challenges overcome in the development of this SWIR objective, commenting on requirements, showing design and analysis from the nominal to as-built optical performance, leading to mechanical analysis, straylight analysis and finally the successful build of these compact, high-performance objectives.


The presentation comes at the perfect time, as IACTEC has published the latest photos taken from space with DRAGO-2, which includes this SWIR objective:

In these photos the quality of the optical system can be appreciated. The resolution for such a compact system is groundbreaking, as can be seen in this photo of the Teide peak on the Tenerife island.


Image of Teide peak captured by DRAGO-2 (@Cortesia de IACTEC-Space)


This achievement marks another milestone in our journey toward space, showcasing our expertise in optics and photonics, particularly in the rapidly evolving field of NewSpace and in projects like IACTEC-Space’s DRAGO-2.


If you are interested in seeing more images and learn more about DRAGO-2, you can visit:


From ASE we congratulate again IACTEC-Space team for the excellent results with DRAGO-2. We’re glad to be a part of this amazing project. Please see there amazing work here:

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