ASE Optics will be one of the consortium members participating in the P2P-FSO project. This is a very high-speed, point-to-point, discrete and secure FSO (Free Space Optical) communication link that will provide a complementary means of communication to radio frequency between land and maritime military platforms and future C4-ISR operations.

Specifically, ASE Optics will be in charge of designing and prototyping the specific optical elements of the receiving subpart of this communication link.

The objective of this project is to develop a medium- and long-range gyro-stabilised optical communication module for military platforms, based on a high-power shortwave infrared (SWIR) laser that allows for a highly secure and confidential speed transfer, but also guarantees the ocular security of all military and civilians in the field.

This consortium, formed by the companies ASE Optics, Lambda-X, Hellenic Instruments and Amphinicy and led by Nexvision, has been a beneficiary of the European defence programme European Defence Fund (EDF).

Miembros del consorcio

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