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microscope objective lens

Microscope objective lens

Custom microscope objective lens design, development and series production Our customer required a custom microscope objective lens optimized for operation in wavelength of 405nm. Our optical engineers reviewed the initial
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New Synchrotron Objective Lens

ASE Optics Europe designed and developed a new 0.8X relay lens for ESRF The European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) has once again relied on the expertise of ASE Optics Europe
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MORERA Project

System for the Monitoring of Efficient Irrigation and Agricultural Yield MORERA project aims to a personalized irrigation recommendation system for each plot based on satellite images and Artificial Intelligence, as
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Photonics+ Virtual Exhibition

PHOTONICS+ Exhibition

ASE Optics exhibits at PHOTONICS+ Virtual Exhibition and Conference ASE Optics Europe exhibits at PHOTONICS+ Virtual Exhibition and Conference, that will take place on February 17th + 18th of 2021.
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ASE at SPIE Optical Systems Design

SPIE Optical Systems Design Conference

ASE Optics Europe participates in SPIE Optical Systems Design Conference ASE Optics Europe participates in SPIE Optical Systems Design Conference, where the latest advances in optical systems applications, materials, and
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ASE Optics Europe participates at ACERCA IACTEC Programm to present its capacities in optical design and engineering for Astrophysics Projects On September, we participated in the program ACERCA – IACTEC!
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OCCIM-DEV Programme

Optimised integration of Combined Computational Imaging and image processing for transparent Micro-DEVices Specific objective: to develop an instrument for the inspection of micro-fluidic chips and other micro-featured components. ASE Optics
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Fabrication and Functionalization of BioMedical Microdevices FaBiMed (Fabrication and Functionalization of BioMedical Microdevices) was an European project into the European Union Seventh Framework Programme, to improve and develop new manufacturing
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