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Design and integration of the infrared camera DRAGO-2 ASE Optics Europe has been contracted by the IACTEC-Space team (of the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias, IAC) for the design, development,
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Young Talent: Adrián Vizuete

“My internship period at ASE Optics was a very positive experience, both in terms of the learning methodology and the knowledge acquired. Nowadays, I work in the Mechanical Engineering team”.
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Space Tech Expo Europe

From 15-17 November 2022, ASE Optics will attend the Space Tech Expo Europe in Bremen (Germany). One of ASE Optics’ expertise areas is designing and developing integrated optical systems for
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Event: New Space Spain 2022 (Vigo)

ASE Optics will attend the second edition of the New Space Spain event to share knowledge and experiences regarding current trends and innovations in the New Space sector with different
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Young talent: Grégoire Guyon

“My experience at ASE Optics Europe was complementary with my education and gave me keys to become a competent optical engineer”. My name is Grégoire Guyon and I live in
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ASE Optics at BSBF 2022

ASE Optics has already accumulated years of experience working on projects for large scientific industry facilities, such as the ESRF Synchrotron, the ITER project (F4E), and the UK Atomic Energy
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