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OCCIM-DEV Programme

Optimised integration of Combined Computational Imaging and image processing for transparent Micro-DEVices Specific objective: to develop an instrument for the inspection of micro-fluidic chips and other micro-featured components. ASE Optics
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Fabrication and Functionalization of BioMedical Microdevices FaBiMed (Fabrication and Functionalization of BioMedical Microdevices) was an European project into the European Union Seventh Framework Programme, to improve and develop new manufacturing
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MINALEM is project supported by Eurostars-2 program and CDTI.  The objective is to design and develop new optical components to improve the light shaping and efficiency using surface micro and
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H2020 – Optogenerapy

Optogenetic Protein Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis Optogenerapy project aims to develop and demonstrate a new optogenetics implant for controlled beta interferon (IFN-ß) protein delivery for treating Multiple Sclerosis patients. The
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Optical design for a Fluorescence system

Optical design, components selections, integration and assembly Our customer needed a custom designed system to be able to distinguish the fluorescence signal from two separate wells under DC illumination inside
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Design and development of a laser system for the inspection and metrology of ITER’s fusion chamber.  ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) needed to develop and build an In-Vessel Viewing and
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New generation optics for NVIS

New generation optics for Night Vision Systems Currently, analog NVIS night vision systems technology is very mature, so the new III Generation image intensifier tubes have a very high resolution,
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