Thermal vision systems

Thermal vision systems

Thermal vision technology operates by capturing the emissions of an electromagnetic spectrum (infrared) emitted as heat by a body or object (living or inert), making possible to observe these elements and/or create images from them.

To convert this emission of energy (heat) into an image visible to the human eye, the electromagnetic radiation emitted by a warm object is captured by special optics on to a special digital sensor, then transferred to a visible screen visible to the human eye.

In ASE Optics Europe we have an extensive knowledge in thermal vision optical systems: from design to manufacturing, we offer a complete service to develop efficient, high-quality, thermal optical systems.

Usually, thermal vision is closely related to Defense and Military sector but, nowadays, many other sectors are using these systems, as they offer multiple benefits:


Custom optics for night vision


TC Shield


Thermal vision systems

From MWIR to LWIR: we develop optical systems for thermal vision for different spectral ranges

With ASE Optics Europe you have the possibility to develop the most efficient optical system for your thermal vision device, whatever the application or the spectral range required, pushing the state of the art when necessary. Our optical engineering team will evaluate all your requirements and project characteristics, to offer the optimal optical solution and reach your objectives.

Thermal vision devices and systems are a technology increasingly in use, with constant improvements both in the electronic side, as well as in the sensor and optical part. At ASE Optics Europe we are constantly working to increase and expand our knowledge in optics applied to this field, to be able to apply the most innovative alternatives to the solutions we offer to our clients for the development of their optical systems for infrared applications and equipment.

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