TC Shield

Tactical Thermal Vision System for Protection Shield

TC SHIELD is a thermal vision system designed for integration into the tactical protective shields of law enforcement agencies. TC SHIELD is more than a thermal vision camera: it is a robust system, specially developed for use in special operations, where the protection of the security and defence professional is paramount.

What is the TC SHIELD thermal imaging system like?

TC SHIELD is a system consisting of a thermal camera, a display, and a mechanical interface for attachment to standard tactical protective shields:

The thermal camera, located in the part of the shield that is exposed to danger, is protected by a special housing, designed to withstand vibrations, shocks, and adverse conditions. The display screen, also reinforced, is attached to the inside of the shield, allowing its operator to view the images captured by the camera in real-time.

Advantages of the thermal vision system for tactical protective shields TC SHIELD

The TC SHIELD thermal vision system allows your operator to see the elements and individuals behind the shield, without having to expose himself to risk or danger:

  • Increased operator safety.
  • Ability to view items invisible to the human eye.
  • Ability to identify people and critical elements through walls, long distances, and over long distances.
  • Video capture for later analysis.

Basic specifications


As a leading company in the design and development of custom optronic and optical systems, we offer the possibility of adapting this system to the specific requirements of each client, being able to adapt and modify certain components according to specific requirements.


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TC Shield


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