Custom optics for night vision

Custom optics for night vision devices

We provide our customers with high performance eyepieces and lenses, 100% adaptable and integrable to the most widely used night vision equipment already available on the market, such as AN/AVS, BNVS or AN/PVS, among others.

We have more than 30 years of experience developing optronics for defence: we know the market, the needs of the users, and we master the technology. Our optics are a competitive advantage for all our customers.

Advantages of custom optics for night vision devices

Night vision equipment often requires specific improvements to its optics, even if the rest of the system works perfectly. The market is highly competitive, and our customers need adaptable, agile, cost-efficient and reliable solutions. The advantages offered by our night vision optics are:

  • Improved image quality, contrast and resolution of the night vision system.
  • Cost reduction: much more efficient than developing a complete system from scratch.
  • Reduced manufacturing lead times.
  • Pre-designs available, adaptable to each individual night vision system.
  • Market differentiation: with our optics, our customers offer disruptive solutions and alternatives that differentiate them from the competition.
  • Optimisation of resources: ASE Optics takes care of the entire design, development and series production to deliver the optical system ready for integration into the customer’s systems.

Not yet convinced of all the advantages? Find out what other benefits we offer for your particular case!

Sectors of application

Main features of the custom optics for night vision devices

Thanks to our experience in the design and development of optical and optronic systems for defense and security, in ASE Optics Europe we offer a complete and quality service.

We are experts in optical design, development and manufacture of customised optical systems and components.  We are committed to innovation and flexibility in all our projects and seek maximum integration for any of our systems.

Strategic partnership for Defence and R&D projects

At ASE Optics Europe we design and develop other devices in collaboration with other public or private sector companies and partners in the field of defence, civil protection, special operational units, rescue or rescue.

We also actively participate in R&D programmes for the development of new technologies for Defence and Security. Read more about the P2P-FSO project. 


Custom optics for night vision


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