Integrated optical systems development

Optical systems assembly

Assembling optical systems for real world applications can be one of the most challenging aspects of the optical systems development process. “Optics do not float”, as the saying goes. ASE Optics has the experience and resources to meet precision optical systems assembly for prototyping as well as short series production.

In the assembly process, the optical elements must be placed to within the specified tolerances in an efficient manner and be able to survive the specified use conditions. The optical assembly procedures begin to be defined during the initial stages of the optical design process. Each optical system can be unique, but at the same time, ASE Optics takes full advantage of its experience in assembling optical systems to replicate proven techniques, within the uniqueness of your system, applying the right amount of precision.

We have experience in the manufacturing and assembly of custom precision systems and equipment and our vendors are qualified, ensuring a rapid turnaround and high-quality materials. ASE Optics provides certified testing and verification of our designs and fabricated parts to ensure meeting our customer’s specifications.

Our process can achieve tolerances of: <5micron decenters and air gaps, <3 arcmin tilts…. but only when you need them.


Optical design and engineering


Optical systems development


Optical systems manufacturing


Optical characterization

Optical systems engineering approach​

We apply a systems’ engineering approach for every project, even if it is a development of a unique product or system:

The product or project requirements are the base of our work. For this reason, we are in regular communication with our customers, through periodic technical meetings, to ensure we develop and deliver the expected and compliant optical system.

Optical systems integration: optics, optomechanics and optoelectronics

ASE Optics Europe manufacture and assemble precision, bespoke optical systems, and equipment, following our internal and certified quality process.

Our mechanical engineers work to design prototypes and systems easy to manufacture and assembly, while still achieving the highest precision and all the requirements. This is possible thanks to their extensive experience designing optomechanical systems, lens mounts, barrels, accessories, and tooling.

Throughout the process, we consider all the specifications for each optical system, such as thermal restrictions, environmental conditions, vibration, mechanical stress, pressure…

Both teams, mechanical engineering, and manufacturing technicians, work together, coordinated, day by day, to ensure that every design is feasible and easily manufacturable and assembled. Thanks to this close collaboration, we can quickly address any problems or issues that may arise during the prototyping or series production phase.

We can list some of our skills and capabilities in optical systems integration below:

Optomechanical engineering

Optomechanical design is a critical step during the development of any system or product. An insufficient opto-mechanical design can ruin the best, most precise optical component or system. Our team of optomechanical engineers has the experience and tools to design and develop high-precision, robust, durable, and well aligned optomechanical systems.

As in the optical design phase the first critical step is to understand the customer needs and systems requirements. For this, we invest the necessary time to get all the necessary information until we are sure we understand all the requirements. Generally speaking, those requirements include:

Using the newest version of professional software such as Solidworks, Code V or Zemax, we turn our designs of optical systems into real products.

Image processing software for optical and optoelectronic systems

Nowadays, image processing is a key factor in many optical and optoelectronical systems. At ASE Optics Europe we develop and program specific software for image processing, image analysis, image recognition and image enhancement.

Our team of experts in software development for image processing work always with the aim to get user-friendly solutions that will allow the acquisition of real-time data.

We design and develop custom software to obtain and manage the information obtained through optical systems, such as detailed information on the properties of the materials or inspected samples.

Software development for image processing:

These custom developments can be integrated later into custom optical, laser or photonics systems. For this, we use the most common libraries: Intel MKL, FFTW, National Instruments, MatLab…

Techniques and resources for optical, optomechanical and laser systems integration

At ASE Optics Europe we have all the necessary resources to offer the best service in the design of integrated optical systems, optronics, custom microscope objectives and integrated laser systems, for different applications and sectors.

Professional design software:

Machining technics

We are widely familiar with the different current mechanization techniques, which allows us to choose the best option according to the characteristics of each project and the client’s requirements:

And we have wide experience working with different materials:

Special equipment for the validation and test of the optical and laser integrated systems:

***** We offer a special service in optical characterization.


Our facilities include all necessary areas to provide a complete systems integration service for the development of your optical systems, optronics and optical-based products:


Optical design and engineering


Optical systems development


Prototyping and manufacturing

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