Optical design and engineering

If you need an optical design for your product development or for your project, at ASE Optics Europe we offer you the best solution, based on your requirements, 100% customized. Our optical engineers have extensive experience in optical design of custom lenses and complete optical systems. Most of our customers are companies that need support in optical design, either to develop a new product or to improve the current optical system.

Optical design for the development of products and custom optical systems

Our works starts always with the concept design review and analysis: this is a key point to achieve a functional optical system. The optical design process involves the development of a custom optical design based on the specific requirements of each client; however, we know that meeting specifications it is not enough: each optical solution must be feasible, each optical design must be manufacturable. At ASE Optics we are also experts in the assembly and production of optics and complete and integrated optical systems, and this allows us to offer suitable and optimized designs for a later phase of development and manufacturing.


Optical design and engineering


Optical systems development


Optical systems manufacturing


Optical characterization

Experience and capabilities

We have extensive experience in physical optics, geometrical optics, photonics, physical optics, opto-mechanics and opto-electronics. We design complex optical systems and precision optics for different applications.

At ASE Optics Europe we use proven modelling, simulation and programming tools, such as Code V®, ZEMAX®, or Matlab® to establish an optical systems model, simulate the operation of the optical system. At ASE Optics we go beyond the imaging chain, with capability to include illumination, laser propagation, straylight, sensitivities at sensor, physical optics through to image processing…

Through calculation, simulation and implementation of optimization algorithms, we mold the optical components to achieve the best optical function, taking into account environmental factors such as temperature, atmospheric pressure or immersion. This involves varying optical surfaces, relative distances, materials, optical coatings, always with manufacturability in mind.

As part of our know-how, ASE Optics can introduce freeform optics, aspherical surfaces (aspheres), cylindrical surfaces for anamorphic optics or diffractive optics when needed.

Optical design for custom lens

One of our specialties is the optical design of custom lenses. As part of our core of optical systems design expertise, we provide a high-quality and accurate lens design to meet the performance requirements and constraints, including cost and fabrication limits.

If you need to optimize the optical design of your lenses for their production and make your product more efficient for the series production phase, our team of optical experts will provide you the complete solution: optical design, material selection, tolerance analysis and optical performance analysis… you will get a complete optical design with clear specifications, that will match all your technical and quality requirements.

Each of the optical and physical parameters are studied by our team of optical engineers with the utmost accuracy and precision. Our experts use all the latest techniques such as ray tracing, to simulate the optical performance of each lens.

Some examples of our experience in optical design for custom lens are:

Lenses for imaging systems and custom objectives

Optical design of lenses for imaging systems. Lenses are they key components for focusing the image of an object and to allow the visualization of an object in different ways, depending on the specific needs. Through our lens design, we can correct perspective errors, provide adjustable magnifications as well as we can modify the field of view or the focal length of the system.

We design custom lenses for both, visible (VIS) and infrared (IR, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR) wavelengths.

Lenses for laser collimation applications and systems

The lenses for laser collimation are used to convert the divergent light beams of a laser into parallel beams. At ASE Optics Europe we design custom lenses and lens systems for laser collimation for different applications and spectral ranges, from ultraviolet (UV) to infrared (IR). We have experience designing aspherical and achromatic lenses, compatible with various light sources, such as laser diodes. Usually, lens systems for laser collimation are composed of several optical elements, at ASE Optics we take into account all the necessary requirements to design the most suitable lenses: materials, entrance pupil diameter, wavelength, focal length and field of view.

Optical design for complex optical systems

Our designs are currently in use in national laboratories and widely used in medical devices, research instrumentation, scientific facilities, defense and aerospace systems, laser systems for metrology and inspection, bio-medical applications and industrial applications.

Our expertise and experience in optical design includes:

Imaging systems

Imaging systems are the most common and well-known systems, even for non-technical people: camera objectives and lenses, spectrometers, or microscope objectives. Our optical engineers understand all imaging technologies fundamentals, as they know that they are critical to develop a working, and manufacturable imaging systems. Thanks to our expertise, we can design wide range of imaging systems:

There are physical limitations in the design and manufacture of these technologies, and optics can often be one of these limiting factors. For this reason, we always consider the basic practices for creating sophisticated, cost-effective imaging systems useful to most applications.

Laser and photonic systems

A second area covered with our expertise in optical systems design is the design of laser and photonic systems:


Optical design and engineering


Optical systems development


Prototyping and manufacturing

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