Microscope objective lens

Custom microscope objective lens design, development and series production

Our customer required a custom microscope objective lens optimized for operation in wavelength of 405nm. Our optical engineers reviewed the initial requirements and the information regarding the function of the overall system and, together with the customer, they set the final specifications (parameters and values).

ASE Optics realized a preliminary design based on our internal existing knowledge base in optical design for custom microscope objectives development and manufacturing and taking into account the desired specifications and requirements given by the customer. After several iterations, ASE Optics provided a preliminary design, that met the requirements in nominal design.

Some of the main specifications were:

  • NA 0.5
  • EFL 3.6 mm
  • Total length 19 mm
  • Telecentricity
  • Entrance Pupil Position: 3.56 mm from first vertex
  • Back focal plane: 4.01 mm from first vertex

ASE Optics also evaluated the as-built performance at 405nm, to give customer a realistic performance data. We suggested to customer to consider some modifications in some values, to make the microscope objective cost-effective for a series production. The customer accepted these modifications, as they did not affect the quality of the system, happy to notice that ASE Optics could balance all the important aspects: quality, technical and optical performance, costs, lead times and manufacturability.

Scope of work and technical details

Our optical engineers designed and developed a robust system that performs to nearly diffraction limited over the full-field, always with series production in mind. The system was to assure durability in operation compatible with 405nm illumination. And LIDT requirements were taken into account, to obtain a lens compatible with this requirement as well.

Previous experience designing and developing custom microscope objectives

ASE Optics Europe has ample experience in designing custom microscope objectives with high NA apertures, wide FOV or special material restrictions. We design custom microscope objective lenses and optical subsystems for scientific research centers and OEMS who require solutions for complex applications:

  • Multi-photon microscopy
  • Confocal microscopy
  • Immersion microscope objective optical desig
  • STED microscopy
  • Deep tissues imaging
  • Microscopy & analysis of quantum structures
  • Super resolution microscopes
  • Failure analysis of structural materials
  • Live cell fluorescent microscopy
Pictures of other microscope objective lenses designed and developed for scientific and life-science applications:

Discover our pre-engineered objective lenses, customizable

In addition to 100% custom microscope objectives, we also offer pre-designed objectives, which can be adapted to technical requirements, deadlines and budgets according to the needs of each customer and project. We select the appropriate design and materials, to deliver microscope objective, assembled, tested and validated.

You can download our catalogue and specsheet here:


ASE Optics Europe specializes in the design, engineering and development of precision optical, optomechanical and optoelectronic systems. From concept design to manufacturing, our experience and knowledge allows us to excel in optical design, engineering and manufacturing for the new systems and products development for our customers.

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