GarLine laser sensor for automated welding guidance

Optical design for laser line image for welding guidance

Our client, Garmo Instruments, required the design of an optical system whereby the sensor would form an image from the projection of a laser line projected onto the weld joint (by laser triangulation). Such a design would be used (and then use these captured images) by the smart sensor for automated weld guidance.

ASE Optics evaluated the preliminary design available to our client and concluded that this design was feasible, although some adaptations were required to optimise the final result.

Technical evaluation

Once ASE Optics had carried out an initial global technical evaluation of our client’s preliminary design, the necessary adaptations were made to meet the requirements for the design of the optical system specified for their project. All of this was done in coordination with the client and with a 6-week limit for manufacturing.

Project development and scope

ASE’s optical design department developed a system specially designed to work at a specific laser frequency, following the requirements of Garmo Instruments to better adapt to the complex conditions of the welding environment, adapting the working field to the needs of Garmo Instruments.

Next, the engineering and mechanical department was responsible for the design of the housing, before moving on to the manufacture of the components.

Following the optomechanical design, the drawings of the optical elements were generated.

 Project delivery and final solutions

Finally, ASE Optics was able to deliver the first five prototypes of the agreed optical elements in the specified time and quality so that the customer could assemble the optical elements in the available mechanical attachment design and carry out product validation tests.

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