High-precision large area metrology

Non-destructive optical and laser systems for precision inspection and metrology

Non-destructive testing is another one of the growing technologies in the scientific, biomedic and medical diagnostics field.

Being able to perform non-contact tests and inspections of critical surfaces is one of the great challenges in many projects.

As experts in technologies based in light, and being aware of the importance of improving current technologies and techniques for non-contact metrology and inspection, ASE Optics Europe team has developed an innovative system to carry out the inspection of large areas and surfaces in a non-destructive way.

Our participation in the ITER (International Experimental Thermonuclear Reactor) project demonstrates our  capabilities in optical design, assembly and integration of complex systems for inspection and non-destructive metrology, with a very strict and unique requirements.

Some solutions we offer in metrology and inspection


R&D&i funded projects


High precision metrology


FASTTEST: 3D NDT inspection


R&D+I funded projects


High precision metrology


FASTTEST: 3D NDT microinspection

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