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FASTTEST: 3D micro-inspection system

ASE Optics Europe: freedom to innovate

Research and development are at the core of ASE Optics Europe’s activities. We foster innovation through the innovative solutions we deliver to our clients by always bringing together the members of staff with the most relevant experience to any given project as well as allowing members of staff to develop their own ideas.

National and international R&D&i projects

From the beginning, ASE Optics Europe has been involved in different R&D projects and consortiums, both national and international. Our knowledge and expertise in optical design and engineering for optical and laser systems development served each of the projects to achieve specific milestones, whether in the development of innovative systems for inspection and quality control of the microdevices fabrication (FaBIMED), either for the development of new technologies for public and emergency lighting (MINALEM).

To date, we have been part of consortia for different public initiatives:

CDTI EUrostars

Internal research and development activities for our own prodcuts and systems development

At ASE Optics Europe we are also aware of the importance of innovation to keep moving forward and offer the best service.

ASE Optics Europe was also founded with the aim of creating a space for freedom of innovation in the field of optics and photonics. We always take advantage of every opportunity, every project, every challenge, to further increase our knowledge in optics, discover new ways to apply existing technologies, and even develop new ones.

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