Optical inspection systems for semiconductor’s sector

Optical inspection systems for semiconductor’s sector

We work for companies specialized in the commercialization of inspection and measurement machines for semiconductors’ components, process monitoring systems and failure analysis and other analytical services.

We help them, developing custom optical, laser-based, and photonic subsystems that are integrated into the inspection and measurement equipment for:

  • Detection, review or inspection of defects, particles, contamination, or bumps.
  • Uniformity and film thickness measurements.
  • Critical dimensions and overlay measurements.
  • Stress, refractive, reflective and conductivity indexes measurements.
  • Inspection and metrology of wafers, substrates.

Semiconductors’ fabrication is one of the driving factors of the worldwide economy, and its quality inspection is critical. Optical technologies are one of the key technologies for different final inspection and measurement systems for semiconductor’s industry, and, as experts in optical and photonic systems design and development, we can provide the optimal solution for each customer case.



Optical inspection semiconductors


Optical diagnostic systems


Non-destructive microinspection

Flexible solutions to develop optical inspection systems

Innovation and flexibility are at ASE’s core. We provide disruptive, custom, and integrated solutions. Considering the specific requirements and needs of each case, we cover all the process, from design to series production:

  • Specifications review and definition: optics, optomechanics, electronics, sensors, components…
  • Complete design and development
  • Prototyping
  • Series production

Beyond optics: integrated optical and photonic solutions for inspection and measurement systems

ASE Optics has experience developing different optical and laser-based systems for semiconductor inspection applications. We are a multiskilled team of professionals, specialized in different areas:

  • Laser technologies: high-power lasers, laser systems integration, fibre-coupling and alignment.
  • Electronics integration
  • Software development for image processing and process automation

We adapt our scope of work to each case, working closely with our customers, to deliver the optimal solutions.

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