Optical diagnostic systems

Optical diagnostic systems

At ASE Optics we develop systems for optical diagnostics and non-destructive inspection of large areas and surfaces. What makes us different from other systems available on the market? These systems are adaptable to the unique requirements of each client abd project, so we guarantee the results for each application and specific case. 

Because non-destructive and non-contact inspection of critical surfaces is one of the technologies of greatest interest in key technology sectors such as the science industry, Fusion, chip, and semiconductor manufacturing. 

ASE Optics offers its costumers a range of customisable on-demand optical diagnostic systems.  

High-precision optical dimensional inspection

We developed an optical metrology and visualisation system for scanning and measuring small objects over large distances with high precision. By means of raster scanning and 3D reconstruction, any damage or erosion of the components inspected (walls, surfaces, concrete elements) can be detected.

This system can be used for any dimensional inspection requiring high accuracy over long distances or large volumes and it is perfect for application in aerospace sector, Fusion energy (inspection of tokamaks, for example), or industrial inspection in harsh environments.

Reliability and robustness

The origin of this development is in our participation in the ITER project, for which we developed an optical diagnostics and metrology system for the fusion chamber (In Vessel Viewing System).

Our systems can be adapted to meet complex and highly demanding requirements: vacuum, high temperatures, vibration, high magnetism, sealing…

Reflectivity measurement for large objects and hazardous environments

Another system we offer is a reflectivity measurement system for large objects with a high dynamic range, for the measurement of temperature and density profiles.  This scanning and measuring system can be used for retro-reflectivity measurements of large components in the aerospace, energy, industrial or automotive sectors.

The original system was developed for ITER: a robust system was needed for the measurement of slabs that had been exposed to radiation. Traditional bi-directional measurement instrumentation could not be used because of the risk of contamination, so ASE Optics developed this new system, currently in use: TARMS.

Our experience

Our ability to design, assemble and build optical, photonic and laser systems for non-destructive inspection and metrology under unique and very strict requirements has allowed us to participate in other projects such as: 

  • Lithium flow control using non-contact measurement systems aimed at optimising the efficiency of a Large Fusion Science Facility such as IFMIF-DONES.
  • Analysis for the use of our reflectivity measurement system for large objects in hazardous environments to be used in the first UKAEA prototype fusion-based commercial power plant.


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Optical diagnostic systems


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