Non-destructive inspection for microdevices and microfluidics

Non-destructive inspection for microdevices and microfluidics

If you need a new metrology system for non-contact 3D inspection of micro-fluidic chips and other micro-featured components, we have the solution you are looking for.

ASE provides on-demand non-destructive inspection systems that offer faster feedback on drifts in the manufacturing process of microdevices to the manufacturer. This helps them to save resources and be more efficient: faster intervention and therefore reducing waste by allowing alteration of the process before the products drift out of specifications.

Implementing our systems in the production line, real-time information about the production process is received, incidents are detected quickly, and valuable reports and data are obtained to improve future production, reducing manufacturing costs and increasing the ratio of compliant product that is suitable for sale and use.

Technical characteristics of the systems we develop



Optical inspection semiconductors


Optical diagnostic systems


Non-destructive microinspection

Benefits of using our turn-key non-destructive inspection systems

The system allows a preselection of the inspection zones of interest. This together with a well optimized data acquisition rate, allows the inspection of parts at rates matching production rates, enabling systematic inspection of the entire output of the production line rather than randomly selected samples. This thorough quality control reduces waste and increases quality in sectors such as point of care medicine where disposable microfluidics are used.

The origin of theses systems: FASTTEST Project.


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