Optical payloads for NewSpace

Optical payloads for NewSpace

ASE Optics offers optical payloads and objective lenses for earth observation, agriculture monitoring and other new space applications. With our systems, our customers obtain the images and data they need for their space missions. We work based on our customers’ requirements, developing fully integrated optical systems and optical payloads that reach the optimal balance within technical performance, lead times and costs.

SWIR objective for Earth observation

SWIR objective lens to be integrated into cameras for Earth Observation applications. The optical system is configured by four aspherical elements, avoiding the use of doublets, making it more ruggedized and suitable for harsh environmental conditions.

  • Certified vacuum compatibility
  • Optical athermalized system
  • Stable polychromatic MTF within all operative temperature range


Optical payloads for NewSpace


Microscope objectives


SWIR Spotter


Synchrotron objectives

NewSpace Heritage

This SWIR Objective is already in orbit, integrated into the DRAGO-2 camera (developed by IACTEC-Space), launched on 3rd January in the Transporter-6 mission of Space X. This system offers a high image resolution, reaching 50m per pixel.

The first pictures obtained are a success, and demonstrates the quality of the SWIR objective lens fully designed and integrated at ASE:

Comparison between the image of the Ganges delta region obtained by ESA's Sentinel 2 mission in the 1600 nm band and the image taken by DRAGO in the 1600 nm and 1100 nm bands. Credit: Copernicus Sentinel data/ESA, IACTEC. Source:

LWIR optical systems for land monitoring

ASE Optics is currently involved in a project, MORERA, for the development of a very compact, low F# LWIR camera to provide high resolution images at farm level. This camera will be Cube-sat compatible and can be adapted to other small sats and New Space missions.

Integrated optical systems and payloads for NewSpace applications

We have experience designing and developing complete and integrated optical and photonic systems for harsh environments in wide spectral ranges; from near UV to LWIR. Our solutions go beyond optics:

  • Complete optical and photonic systems development including optics, optomechanics, optoelectronics and software for image processing.
  • Systems integration, assembly and validation
  • Series production

ASE has the capacity to provide complete optical payloads based on the requirements of each space mission. We help our customers in their contribution to the democratization of the access to the space data.

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