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Imaging optics

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Imaging optics

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Imaging optics

In recent years, optics and imaging systems have made a significant qualitative leap forward, which has allowed them to be applied in different sectors, with a relevant direct impact on the economy and society: high-precision industrial inspection equipment and systems, detection of risk situations (fires, overheating of industrial plants…), study and analysis of microparticles, experiments with atoms…

At ASE Optics, we offer fully integrated optical imaging systems for product development or the execution of research and development projects.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge in the design and manufacture of imaging optics systems, we respond to the needs of both private companies and research centres, both nationally and internationally.

Gracias a nuestro amplio conocimiento en el diseño y fabricación de sistemas de óptica de imagen, damos respuesta a las necesidades tanto de empresas privadas como a centros de investigación, a nivel nacional e internacional.

How do we work?

We know that sometimes the market does not have catalogue systems that meet the required parameters in terms of resolution, contrast, field of vision, distortion, working distance, environmental conditions (temperature, radiation, resistance) or dimensional requirements because they are very precise.

For this reason, ASE Optics Europe provides a tailor-made solution that responds to the desired requirements through efficient technical support adapted to the customer’s needs.  

Our experience in the design, development and manufacture of different imaging systems has been one of the keys that has allowed us to continue innovating when it comes to offering complete, customised and precision solutions, adaptable to any application, requirement and project.

We have participated and solved many projects and challenges that now allow us to offer a wide range of imaging systems such as:

  • Microscopy lenses and objectives.
  • Low distortion scanning lenses and objectives.
  • Wide field of view LWIR or Visible objectives.
  • Zoom lens and objective systems.
  • Night vision systems.
  • Medical imaging lenses and systems.

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