Fabrication and Functionalization of BioMedical Microdevices

FaBiMed (Fabrication and Functionalization of BioMedical Microdevices) was an European project into the European Union Seventh Framework Programme, to improve and develop new manufacturing techniques, based on micromoulding, specific for biomedical microdevices.

ASE Optics Europe was the Leader of Work Package 4: Inspection and Quality Control. The main objective of WP4 was to provide fast and non-destructive means to control de processes and the quality of the devices which are developed and produced within the project. For this purpose, we lead the development of a combined optical coherence tomography (OCT) and machine vision (MV) system dedicated to micro-fluidic chip inspection in tight collaboration with the end users to ensure a best fit of the instrument characteristics with the necessary requirements.

The main objective of this project was reducing the cost of mass production of diagnosis and therapeutic micro devices which have a common problematic: medium sized batches, customization needs, micron-scale geometrical features.

More information about the project in the official website: FaBiMed.

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