Design and development of synchrotron objectives

Optical and optomechanical design, assembly and validation

El ESRF (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility) hired ASE Optics Europe to design, develop and manufacture three unique objective lenses, custom, to be integrated in its synchrotron beamlines. ASE Optics Europe designed and developed three different optical systems: 0.5X, 150mm and 400mm.

From concept design to comple system manufacturing and test

Our work began with a first feasibility study of each system. After this first study, our optical engineers designed and developed each of the systems required by ESRF, including all the critical phases:

  • optical tolerance analysis.
  • opto-mechanical design.
  • fabrication of the custom lenses, barrels and other opto-mechanical components.
  • system assembly and validation of all parameters required by customer.

The optical system was designed using a judicious choice of materials to reach all requirements. The system required expert alignment and testing: ASE EU developed an in-house MTF measuring station based on knife-edge technique.

Results – customer satisfaction

The three projects were a complete success. The custom optical systems delivered exceeded the expectations of the ESRF, which months later sent some images of the results obtained thanks to the custom lenses designed and manufactured by us. Recently, ASE Optics visited the ESRF facilities, and we could see how the three lenses are in use, operational, offering the same good results as the first day.

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