Synchrotron objectives

Custom objective lenses and relays for synchrotron applications

Synchrotron radiation technology is nowadays intensively used. There are several synchrotron radiation centers, and they improve day by day the technologies used to increase the efficiency. Optics and photonics are one of the key technologies for these technology centers. They need improved performance, custom optical systems. Systems that can be integrated perfectly in their beamlines.

We have experience designing and developing custom objective lenses for European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF, Grenoble, France), and we keep improving our capacities in this field to meet the requirements demanded by our customers.


Microscope objective


Synchrotron objectives


SWIR objectives

Synchrotron objectives are used to capture the visible light generated by a scintillation screen, after it is irradiated by diffused synchrotron light after striking a sample in the beam lines in a synchrotron reactor. It allows scientist to reconstruct tomographic images of samples, such as micro fossils or tissues, and study their properties.

Our experience: optical systems for synchrotron applications

ASE Optics Europe has been working for ESRF Synchrotron, designing, and developing different unique objective lenses and optical relays for its synchrotron beamlines:

Custom objective lenses

Due to the radiation generated by the synchrotron, the lenses have a replaceable window with lead part, to protect the optics against radiation and thus extend the life cycle in this harsh environment. Due to the nature of the image reconstruction, it was necessary to guarantee the very low distortion levels, even below 0.1% in some cases.

Basic specifications of these custom objectives:

Custom optical relays for synchrotron

We built different optical relays to increase the utility of the existing optical systems, allowing the update of the current sensors without losing resolution due to unsupported optics. The quality of the relay lenses manufactured is such that it does not deteriorate the contrast quality, while maintaining the good optical transmission. The mechanical interface was designed and made specially to facilitate its introduction into the beamline without affecting the existing elements.

Basic specifications of these optical relays:


Pre-engineered objective lenses, customizable

In addition to 100% custom microscope objectives, we also offer pre-designed objectives, which can be adapted to technical requirements, deadlines and budgets according to the needs of each customer and project. We select the appropriate design and materials, to deliver microscope objective, assembled, tested and validated.


Microscope objectives


Synchrotron objectives

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