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Industrial optical inspection

INDUSTRIAL  OPTICAL INSPECTION Industrial optical inspection Industrial optical inspection Optical inspection for semiconductors Industrial optical inspection Optical diagnostic systems Industrial optical inspection Non-destructive inspection for microdevices and microfluids Industrial optical

Optical Inspection for Semiconductors

OPTICAL INSPECTION> SEMICONDUCTOR’S SECTOR Optical inspection systems for semiconductor’s sector Optical inspection systems for semiconductor’s sector We work for companies specialized in the commercialization of inspection and measurement machines for

Optical payloads for Earth observation

OPTRONICS > OPTICAL PAYLOADS Optical payloads Optical payloads for Earth observation Earth observation is one of the key applications for the NewSpace industry because of the scientific, technological, and economic

Imaging optics

IMAGING OPTICS  Design, development and fabrication Imaging optics Optical payloads for NewSpace Imaging optics Microscope objectives Imaging optics SWIR Spotter Imaging optics Synchrotron objectives IMAGING OPTICS Imaging optics In recent

Optical payloads for NewSpace

IMAGING OPTICS > OPTICAL PAYLOADS FOR NEWSPACE Optical payloads for NewSpace Optical payloads for NewSpace ASE Optics offers optical payloads and objective lenses for earth observation, agriculture monitoring and other

Job openings

Work with us Open vacancies ASE Optics Europe is an innovative and dynamic company based in the vicinity of the vibrant city of Barcelona focused on the development of custom

Application sectors

DIFFERENT APPLICATIONS AND SECTORS Optics for different applications & sectors Medical instrumentation Security and protection Scientific projects Aerospace optics APPLICATION SECTORS Optics for different applications and industries ASE Optics Europe


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Facilities and resources

WELCOME TO  OUR FACILITIES Facilities & resources to develop optical systems OUR FACILITIES Integration, assembly and manufacturing area Our facilities are prepared to offer a complete service in optical design

Who we are

ABOUT US – WHO WE ARE Experts in optical design and engineering We are leaders in the design and development of precision optical, optomechanical systems and optronics, customized. ASE Optics

Mission and vision

ASE OPTICS MISSION AND VISION The best service in optical design and engineering MISSION We design, and develop custom optical and optoelectronical systems, highly precise, with high technology performance and


OUR OWN OPTRONIC DEVICES Optronics and Night vision Optronics Night vision Optronics Optical payloads Optronics TC Shield Optronics Thermal vision OPTRONICS Optronics and optronic systems Our business unit specialized in


OUR BASIS: INNOVATION Freedom to innovate Innovation R&D&i collaborative projects Innovation High precision large area metrology systems Innovation FASTTEST: 3D micro-inspection system INNOVATION ASE Optics Europe: freedom to innovate Research

Custom objectives

CUSTOM OBJECTIVE LENSES Design, development and fabrication Custom objectives Microscope objectives Custom objectives Synchrotron objectives Custom objectives SWIR objectives CUSTOM OBJECTIVES Design, development and fabrication of custom objectives. ASE Optics

Optical Systems

EXPERTISE IN OPTICAL SYSTEMS Optical systems Optical systems Optical design and engineering Optical systems Optical systems development Optical systems Prototyping and manufacturing Optical systems Optical characterization EXPERTS IN OPTICAL SYSTEMS

Contract manufacturing

SERVICES> CONTRACT MANUFACTURING Contract manufacturing You control the entire supply chain process Contract manufacturing: optical, optomechanical and optoelectronic systems. ASE Optics Europe provides full-service optics integration services from the simplest

Optical characterization

OPTICAL SYSTEMS > OPTICAL CHARACTERIZATION Optical characterization Optical characterization for your systems We offer a range of optical characterization services, critical for the quality control of optical components and systems.

Optical consultancy

SERVICES> OPTICAL CONSULTANCY Optical consultancy Our experience and expertise at your disposal Optical design consultancy service In ASE Optics Europe we have more than 30 years of experience in optical


OUR SPECIALIZED SERVICES IN OPTICS Complete service in optical design Services Optical consultancy Services Optical characterization Services Contract manufacturing COMPLETE SERVICE IN OPTICAL DESING Optical design and engineering services In

Thermal vision systems

OPTRONICS> THERMAL VISION SYSTEMS Thermal vision systems Thermal vision systems At ASE Optics Europe we develop highly efficient optical systems for your thermal imaging system, whatever the application and spectral

Suppliers Policies

ASE OPTICS EUROPE – SUPPLIERS’ QUALITY POLICIES Following our quality management system process (ISO9001:2015), and to ensure the quality of all our services, ASE OPTICS EUROPE informs you that, as

Quality Commitment

Twoptics Systems Design (from now on ASE Optics ) is proposed and committed , through its own actions, to the fulfillment of the objectives and to consolidate our position in

Privacy Policy

PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA ACCORDING TO THE RGPD Twoptics Systems Design, S.L., in application of current legislation on the protection of personal data, informs you that the personal data collected

Legal notice

LEGAL NOTICE In compliance with the duty of information contained in Article 10 of Law 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE), the owner of


COOKIES POLICY Twoptics Systems Design, S.L. informs about the use of cookies on its website: What are cookies? Cookies are files that can be downloaded to your computer by

Aerospace & Astronomy

APPLICATION SECTORS> AEROESPACE & ASTRONOMY Aerospace optics Optical systems for aerospace and astronomy applications ASE Optics Europe provides custom optical design and engineering service for the aerospace industry. Optical design

Scientific projects

APPLICATION SECTORS> SCIENTIFIC PROJECTS Scientific projects Optical systems design for scientific industry Design and development of high quality optical and laser systems for scientific industry, research projects and scientific installations.

Security and protection

APPLICATION SECTORS > SECURITY AND PROTECTION Security and protection Optics and optoelectronics for security and protection applications Security industry needs faster development and fielding cycles to remain relevant and achieve

Medical instrumentation

APPLICATION SECTORS> MEDICAL INSTRUMENTATION Medical instrumentation Optical systems design and development for medical instrumentation, diagnostic systems and biomedical applications Medical industry presents unique conditions and special challenges, and the new

Non-destructive inspection for microdevices and microfluidics

OPTICAL INSPECTION > NON-DESTRUCTIVE MICROINSPECTION  Non-destructive inspection for microdevices and microfluidics Non-destructive inspection for microdevices and microfluidics If you need a new metrology system for non-contact 3D inspection of micro-fluidic

Optical diagnostic systems

OPTICAL INSPECTION> OPTICAL DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEMS Optical diagnostic systems Optical diagnostic systems At ASE Optics we develop systems for optical diagnostics and non-destructive inspection of large areas and surfaces. What makes

R+D projects

INNOVATION> COLLABORATIVE R&D&i PROJECTS R&D&i Projects Your partner in optics for R&D projects Research and development are at the core of ASE Optics Europe’s activities. We foster innovation through the


EXAMPLES OF PROJECTS Discover what we do for our customers Inspection system for the first prototype of a commercial fusion-based power plant The UKAEA’s STEP program is in the process of

SWIR Objectives

IMAGING OPTICS > SWIR SPOTTER SWIR Spotter Design and development of SWIR objectives Recently, advances in Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) detectors, with higher resolution focal plane arrays, have appeared in

Synchrotron objectives

IMAGING OPTICS > SYNCHROTRON OBJECTIVES  Synchrotron objectives Custom objective lenses and relays for Synchrotron applications Synchrotron radiation technology is nowadays intensively used. There are several synchrotron radiation centers, and they

Microscope objectives

IMAGING OPTICS > MICROSCOPE OBJECTIVES Custom microscope objectives Custom microscope objectives ASE Optics Europe has ample experience in designing custom microscope objectives with high NA apertures, wide FOV or special


TELL US WHAT YOU NEED Contact us for more information Contact details ASE Optics Europe 937 37 98 63 Carrer Cerdanya 44 08820 El Prat de Llobregat We are

TC Shield

OPTRONICS> TC SHIELD TC Shield Tactical Thermal Vision System for Protection Shield TC SHIELD is a thermal vision system designed for integration into the tactical protective shields of law enforcement

Custom optics for night vision

OPTRONICS> OPTICS FOR NIGHT VISION Custom optics for night vision Custom optics for night vision devices We provide our customers with high performance eyepieces and lenses, 100% adaptable and integrable

Integrated Optical systems development

OPTICAL SYSTEMS > OPTICAL SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT Integrated optical systems development Optical systems assembly Assembling optical systems for real world applications can be one of the most challenging aspects of the

Integrated optical systems manufacturing

OPTICAL SYSTEMS > INTEGRATED OPTICAL SYSTEMS MANUFACTURING Integrated optical systems manufacturing Integrated optical systems manufacturing At the completion of an optical design, we help you in the fabrication of your

Optical Design

OPTICAL SYSTEMS  > OPTICAL DESIGN Optical design and engineering If you need an optical design for your product development or for your project, at ASE Optics Europe we offer you


KNOW MORE ABOUT OUR TEAM Specialists in optical design and engineering OUR TEAM We work close to you to offer the best service in all areas OPTICAL ENGINEERING The optical


Design and engineeringOptical systems Read more Specialized servicesOptical characterization Read more Products and devicesOptronics Read more Leaders in the design and development of precision optical, optomechanical systems and optronics, customized.

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