ASE Optics at BSBF 2022

ASE Optics has already accumulated years of experience working on projects for large scientific industry facilities, such as the ESRF Synchrotron, the ITER project (F4E), and the UK Atomic Energy Authority. For this reason, our participation in the Big Science Business Forum (BSBF 2022) is a great opportunity to exchange views on the current situation and future lines of research in the Big Science market and to be in contact with representatives of Large Scientific Facilities and industry.

In addition, ASE Optics has been invited to present the technology developed in the framework of the IVVS project for ITER: we will present the technology for 3D scanning and reconstruction of high precision components at long distances and accuracy for quality control that we have developed together with Fusion For Energy (F4E). This presentation is one of the sessions included in the Technology Transfer Track.

The congress is oriented towards the business sector, so it will be a good opportunity to find new collaborations to contribute our experience and knowledge in developing, designing, and integrating optical and photonic systems.

This second edition of BSBF 2022 will be held in Granada (Spain) from 4 to 7 October. Last year it was held in Copenhagen and was attended by more than 1,000 participants from over 500 organizations and 29 different countries, so it will be a great event to present and share the new technology projects being developed.

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