ASE Optics Europe Virtual Tour

On May 24th there was a virtual tour and we presented all we do for the design, development, and fabrication of custom and fully integrated optical and optomechanical systems and optronics.

Our team of engineers guided the tour, presenting each department, and giving examples of real cases of some projects in which we are currently working. As a streaming event, the attendees could ask their questions and chat directly with our team.

We started with the Optical design department, which is in charge of the design of the custom optical systems and components. One of our optical engineers, Zaira Madroño, one of our optical engineers, presented some examples of optical designs for some of our current projects, which are very diverse, as we provide solutions to companies from different industries: biomedical technologies, space instrumentation, defense, industrial inspection…

Zaira also explained that at ASE Optics we work with the Zemax and Code V software packages not only to design and optimize the systems but also to perform thermal and tolerance studies, as well as stray light analysis which, coupled with short series production, results in each design being unique, which involves a lot of research and innovation.

“The Ase Optics Tour has been a great opportunity not only to show our facilities and capabilities as a company, but also to meet the people that are behind the scenes of every successful project”.

Zaira Madroño, Optical Engineer

Jorge Oriol also took part in the visit, as a responsible of the Mechanical Engineering Department, which works closely to optical design department to find the best solution considering the optical design requirements and the needs of each customer. Because at ASE we are able to develop optomechanical systems from the scratch, from the concept, to deliver fully developed integrated systems that include optics, optomechanics and electronics. 

And we do not only design, we also prepare all the production documentation, which includes: component drawings (both optical and mechanical), assembly drawings, assembly procedures…

“It has been a great opportunity for us, not only to show our capabilities, but also to know other companies in the same field of application to collaborate with and to share points of interest.”

 Jorge Oriol, head of the optical engineering department.

The visit ended with the visit to the laboratories, where the designs from the design and engineering area come true.

Thomas Siegel, R&D manager, guided us into the main laboratory and its clean area, used for critical assemblies and optical assembly of multiple elements, but also the area for assembly and characterisation of electro-opto-mechanical systems.

We also visited the optical characterization laboratory, a place that is distinguished from the previous ones by the notable lack of outside light and which is used for the measurement and characterisation of optical systems.

“ASE’s laboratories: the place where designs come to life”

Thomas Siegel, head of R&D

We want to thank everyone who participated and attended the tour, as their comments, questions and interactions were a valuable input. Also, thanks to EPIC for organizing and managing this activity.

If you missed the streaming session, you can always watch the video in our Youtube channel.

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